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   As i have noticed, some persons do not  really no the amazing wonderful video call this application can offer. During a seminar some people viewed it as a perfect alternative to  Well i am not here to talk about for the now.  On this article, I will be teaching interested applicants what is all about, the features, how it can be downloaded and how you can create your own account.



Like I have mentioned before now, have being seen as a perfect alternative to skype video calls because of its unique feature that allows its users the eligibility to posses the www.imo. instant messenger that will make them keep in touch with their friends and loved ones across the globe.
How to Download imo for PC, Android and Ipads and Register imo account

1. All applicants are required to visit their browser and log on to on your PC browser or any mobile phone devices that supports this application.

2.  This stage will require You to click the downloading link called “Get imo for PC”

3. Immediately you are done with the downloading the application, run the application. Then wait for some moments and see how it goes because the installation is already in process.

How to Register imo Account.

Above are the process of installing the application.

For those who do have an account with imo , are to launch to the website and click the “sign in” menu.
After which you enter your login details and there you are.

Then for those who do not have any account with then follow the instructions I will be listing here.

1. You are to Log on to then click the “register” menu.

2. You will be expected to fill a registration form. You are to provide your correct personal details in the provisional form given to you. your First Name, your Country and phone number will be asked of you

3.  You are now to click the “next menu” button to proceed to the next stage.

4. Providing a valid phone number is actually very good and necessary because you will receive a verification SMS on your mobile phone device immediately.

5.  The sms sent to you will have a code number and click next.

7. Your gender status, email address and your date of birth, you will also need to provide.

  Now click the finish button.

8. That is all you will need to create an account and you can start connecting your friends from your various social media accounts which includes the following: facebook, google talk, gmail, yahoo, etc. Again, you can still engage in making free calls.