iCharity Nigeria Registration – How To Register

iCharity Nigeria Registration – iCharity Nigeria though new here but have come to stay. Yes i mean it because it has been functioning in other developed Nations and have recorded huge amount of success. iCharity Nigeria is a member to member donation campaign that allows members who must have donated to earn times five in less than 2 weeks. Your only criteria to iCharity Nigeria Registrationamaze this huge wealth is your donation to help. With as little as ₦6,000 investment, you are eligible to earn ₦30,000 that’s one of the benefit Icharity grants you.

 This member to member Icharity community of helping people, actually is a platform to making real wealth, Many persons who started the Icharity campaign long before now, have already started making huge amount of gains from the investment platform. The iCharity Nigeria is as i have earlier said, its an investment platform (which is a member to member donation). As a registered member of iCharity, you will be required to donate some certain amount to your upline and become a grade 1 member of the iCharity system. By doing this, you are entitled to same donation from 5 Members

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These 5 members can be gotten in 3 ways:

1. Referral (you)

2. Spillover (your upline)

3. Randomizer (system)

As a starter, you can only start from the first stage known as Grade One. Persons on this stage are expected to donate N6.000 and in less than few days depending on how fast you get referrals will earn ₦30,000 which will sure catapult you to the second stage known as  Grade Two.

At this stage, members are to donate N12. 000 and they will be entitled to earn ₦300,000. This will take them to Grade Three where members are to donate N24,000 will earn ₦3,000,000. This is how the cycles will continue till it gets to grade ten.

NOTE: $1 = ₦370

Please note that as soon as you register you are to upgrade from a Free member to Grade 1 before 2 Days. Failure to do this will make your newly registered account deleted from the system. In iCharity Nigeria, you are not permitted to be dormant members in the system else you will be deleted.

 How iCharity Nigeria works.

The procedures are very simple. All that is required from members is that they contribute and this is done by making donations to your upline and inturn you earn from such a donation from others. Let be try and break the process down in a more understandable platform for all to see.

Grade 1.
  Members are to donate N6,000 and 5 persons donate same N6,000 each back to you.
Total donation received N30,000.

Grade 2.
  Members are to donate N12,000 and 25 persons will donate N12,000 each back to you.
Total donation received N300,000.

Grade 3.
Members are to donate N24,000 and 125 persons donate N24,000 each back to you.
Total donation received N3,000,000.

Grade 4.
Members are to donate N36,000 and 625 persons donate N36,000 each back to you.
Total donation received N22,500,000.

Grade 5.
Members are to donate N60,000 and 3125 persons donate N60,000 each back to you.
Total donation received N187,500,000.

Grade 6.
Members are to donate N90,000 and 15625 persons donate N90,000 each back to you.
Total donation received N1,406,250,000.

Grade 7.
Members are to donate N120,000 and 78125 persons donate N120,000 each back to you.
Total donation received N9,375,000,000.

Grade 8.
Members are to donate N240,000 and 1953125 persons donate N240,000 each back to you. Total donation received N468,750,000,000.
Grade 9.
  Members are to donate N351,000 and 9765625 persons donate N351,000 each back to you.
Total donation received N3,427,734,375,000.
Down to GRADE 10 and more.

There are some tips i need refresh our minds to again which have to do with referrals. There are three ways to get referrals or downlines they are

1. Referral (you bring)

2. Spillover (your upline helps you based on the remainder of his)

3. Randomizer (system gets downlines for you if you cannot get referrals but by take some amount of time maybe two to three weeks)

Having said all that, i think it will be time to discuss the procedures involved in joining the iCharity Nigeria.

 To be part of this great family, Follow This Link CLICK HERE.

  1.  Now the registration page opens and you are to begin your registration but please ensure that you use your correct information. This will make you not delay your down liners and will also help your up liners to contact you immediately.
  2.  When you are done with filling the above information, you are to click submit. Now the next step is to confirm your registration by checking your email. Now you will  be sent a confirmation link to your email that has your new password. You are to click on that link.
  3.  If you have done this, that means you have been registered as a member of iCharity Nigeria. You are to Add Your Full Name, Bank Account, Phone Number, Email Address to your iCharity profile and please ensure you change your password to a password that you can easily remember.

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