How To Win Big In Closeup Big Win Promo 2015.

Many people in Nigeria do not know about the Closeup Big Win Promo 2015 which is very hot and real. One interesting thing about this promo is that even those who not win are still going to win some fantastic prize. And these include over 50 million worth of instant airtime, Apple Iphone 6, Beats by Dre Headphone and a star prize of a brand new car.
How To Win Big In Closeup Big Win Promo 2015.

For those who are interested in signing for the promo contest, all you have to do, is to buy a 140g of closeup Red or 140g closeup Herbal (the biggest pack) and send the unique code found inside to 38143.

Before you do anything, you must confirm that you have actually bought the promo pack after which you tear and open the pack with a either a scissors or a blade or a any sharp object. You are to cut from the edge of the pack without tearing the promo code. Please do well to engage in this most rewarding offer from closeup. After you must have gotten your purchase of the closeup big pack, and you have sent your unique code to the designated number, then follow the instructions below.

1. The customers to purchase the closeup pack and send the unique code, will be rewarded with #50.

2. For those who will be second on the entry list, these customers will be drawn into to win Beats by Dr Dre headphones.

3. Then for third customer entries, they will be rewarded with  another #50 airtime.

4. The fourth set of entries customers will be rewarded and will be draw into a draw to win an iphone 6.

5. Then the final fifth entry will bring customers into a draw to a star prize of a brand new car.

This particular closeup big win promo is only meant and applicable to closeup red 140g and closeup Herbal 140g which must be the biggest part.