Good a thing you are reading this post. Now, this article may not be solving your challenges but it should help you solve someone’s challenge. Many people have either in one way or the other lost their SIM cards or so, and may have find it so difficult to retrieve your lost SIM card. Now it may not be that it was stolen, nope, possibly it was destroyed while you were traveling, or at home or your office.
 You don’t have to go through any stress in retrieving your lost MTN card. Those days while trying tob retrieve your lost line, you will queue, with your NEPA bill, so many other stressful proceduremtn


And this is the reason I have decided to make this post to teach us how we can retrieve our lost MTN SIM.
 The process and what it will take to do this, is to understand what MTN  Welcome back is all about. The MTN Welcome Back is a package initiated by MTN which is meant customers, which will in turn help them quickly retrieve their lost MTN whenever the need arises.

How To Retrieve Your MTN Lost SIM.

1. You just have to walk straight to any MTN Outlets or sales rep, explain to the sales rep your mission.

2. You will be requested by the person to purchase  MTN Welcome back Line.
The welcome back line might cost N200 depending on your location.

3. Now that you have  purchased the MTN Welcome Back Line, you will required to provide the
The following data.
a. You must provide at least 3 Numbers you have called with the lost number
b. You must tell the sales personnel the amount worth of your last Recharge you did before the line got lost.
T. You are to provide the name you used while you registered the Sim
d.  The details of your new Welcome back SIM.

3. Now you can visit the MTN Website by at and correctly make sure you fill in the required provided box.

After you have registered and filled the online form and click on the submit button.
You will be required to confirm the
provided inf. And now you can ‘continue’ for that’s the only information you need for it to be submitted.

4. This process usually take up to 24 hours be successfully  submitting the form, you have to wait up to 24 hours before you insert the new sim to your mobile