How to Register your Business in Nigeria

This tutorial is for those who already have a business or an establishment, so its high time you started to think of registering your business with the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission. The process has been made very easy to the extent that one can register your business name in Nigeria with or without a Lawyer or a hazardous one. So all that will be required of you is to Just follow the instructions which i have documented below. After registration, your business becomes your sole property. You know by now that Your registered business name is one of your most important business assets and automatically there is a trademark protection to the business in the state and federal level. CAC

After your business have been registered business in Nigeria with the Nigeria Corporate Affairs, then no other person will be allowed to use your business name for any commercial transaction without your direct or indirect consent. Like i have stated earlier on, the process involved in business name registration is very simple and straight forward.

How to Register a Business Name in Nigeria

1. Choose your business name: Take your time and be sure that your business name is highly related to the product you want to produce/sale and/or services you want to render. Choose your business name wisely. Read on How to Name Your Business
 2. Visit Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC): At the CAC, you will be given a business name search form (Form008). This form is used to search for business name availability. Fill in the form appropriately and submit it. Payment of filling fees at the corporate affairs commission at the time of writing this article is N500.  This form acts as an application for business name registration and should clearly state the business name that you intend to register.
 3. Visit Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) after some days: business name search usually takes about a week. If your business name is not available you repeat step 1-3. If your proposed business is available, Collect another form called Registration of Business Name (Form001), fill it and proceed to payment of the registration fee which at this time cost N10, 000 only. Upon payment of the registration fee, collect affidavit/attestation form and proceed to the any magistrate court nearer to you for endorsement by the court magistrate. Here you will pay N250 only as court fees.

4. Collect your business name certificate of registration. You are done with business name registration in Nigeria. You can then think about incorporating it to either Ltd or PLC.

Everything writing on this article is subjective and based on a  personal experience encountered by the author. I am hoping and believing that this little piece will be of help to you. Always use the comment box to register your complain or findings.

How to Register your Business in Nigeria