How To Recover Gmail Account Password User ID.

How To Recover Gmail Account Password User ID.

The sole reason i have decided to make this post is due to numerous challenges i have encountered while trying to recover my Gmail account lost password. Infact, many people have lost their Mails due to the lack of this knowledge. Well, i don’t blame them. Knowledge they say, is power.rp_de9db42d0c83cd115ad45c0606f14f82.jpg

Lets be frank with ourselves. Most persons find it very hard to remember their password after a very long time of use. Sometimes, it is not as though you forgot, but wants you to verify the fact that you are the owner of the account. So for those who might have fallen victim of this and still want to recover gmail account password or Users ID, with the little steps i will be showing you, you sure will recover your gmail account password.

 Reasons Why you have to recover your Gmail Account.

1. Your Documents and Files.
Many people must have saved their files and documents in their gmail account.  These may include files, pictures  etc.

2. For those who will love to gain access to other Google products and services, then you should think of recovering your Gmail account.

3. THERE ARE OTHER ONLINE REGISTRATION THAT WILL SURE REQUIRE YOUR Gnail account. So having this gmaill account wil help a long deal to help solve that issue.

There are many important information we are suppose to provide during the registration of our Gmail account, but due to some facts we neglect them.
For example, ” Alternative email account.” the reasons we neglect this is because we either do not want to link other email to our email or we do not have an alternative email account.

But please whenever you are asked about an alternative email, just provide one because sometimes it becomes your life line.

How to Recover Gmail account using your Alternative email.

Lon on to

You are requested to enter the gmail account you used while you were creating the mail. It is called the alternative email.

Then click on “forget password”

A box will surely show up, and you will be asked to enter your recover  mail.

Ten click

visit the recover email and a message will be sent to you.

Just access the message, click on the link and you will see on the new details of your lost email.

Forgetting or losing your mail account password is a common problem with web users. Maybe you have a lot of email accounts and passwords to remember . Or may be you had created a Gmail account long ago and haven’t used it for months.

In such situations, forgetting the password is normal, but you should also know the procedure to recover it, as well. Following are two ways to recover Gmail account password, in case you lose it

Using a Secondary Email Address

A secondary email address acts as a backdoor of your primary email account. Suppose you forgot the password of your primary email account and can’t login. In that case, you can request a password reset of your primary email account using your secondary email address. The link to reset the password would be sent to your secondary email account.