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Today we shall be discussing how you can port from MTN to Glo. Well you may have read other articles on how this can be done. But what I will be doing today is that I will be putting up some simple process of how you can Port From Mtn to Glo.
When we talk about porting from mtn to glo, is simple talking about how you can change from your current mobile provider another mobile provider either because you want to enjoy a better quality or a cheaper rates on the Glo network without necessary changing your mobile number or SIM CARD.glo

The good thing is that, you don’t even need to tell anyone that you are changing you current mobile provider. Its a unique awesome package.

Porting from your current mobile provider is actually a free service but needs some amount of simple procedures to do so.

I will be discussing this procedures shortly. But bear in mind that if you miss out on the procedures, then you surely will not be able to port from Mtn to Glo. The porting code for this service is “3232”

                            How to Port your Phone number to Glo

Porting From Mtn to Glo is a simple step like I have initially made mentioned to you.

All you need to do, is to walk to any of the Glo office around you. Please why you go there, make sure you take along with you a valid means to be identified. That is a valid identification. (ID card) you will be requested to make a photocopy of your identification card and you are to come with the mobile glo number you are porting to.

You wouldn’t just go there and say nothing. Explain to the Glo rep your mission that you would  want to port to Glo.

At this point a “Port-In” request form will be handed over  to you.
You are expected to Fill up and sign the Port-In MNP form accurately. Please make sure you fill in your correct information.

After you are through with the completion of the form, you are to send
“Port” as SMS to short code 3232.

Instantly, you will surely receive a first SMS with a word like this: “Thank you for your SMS. Your request is being processed”.

Please ensure you are getting this right.

The Glo rep will hand to you a new Glo SIM pack which will contain your sim card. You are to make sure that  you register the SIM.
That’s all that is needed to Port From Mtn to Glo.

Please note that you are to keep using your old SIM until you will be sent a new SMS. At this point the old SIM Card will automatically stop working and the new SIM Card will start working.
So immediately you receive rhe second SMS, remove the old SIM card and slot in the New SIM Card.
Now you are done with the process of Porting from MTN to Glo. So start enjoying the Glo tariffs on your new Glo SIM without you necessary changing your phone number.

How To Port From MTN To Glo

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