How To Port from MTN To Etisalat. Port To Etisalat From MTN

As at 2013, the portability from one network provider to another network provider was already having a tremendous impact on the Nigerian society. Up till this day, people are still engaged in  porting from one network provider to another. So I have decided to take my time to teach us how we can port from mtn to etisalat.
The process of porting is all about making it possible for you to keep your current mobile phone number while you choose to move to another mobile network provider.
I am trying to lay a foundation here on porting from one network provider to another despite the change of your SIM card and your current number won’t be

So  If you are currently on Airtel, Glo or MTN network, and you want to port to Etisalat, you can do this  without necessary  changing any of the Airtel, Glo or MTN phone number you previously have.

                                            How To Port To Etisalat           

For those who will want to port, it is good you know the various pattern that can be   used while you port out from your current mobile network provider and  port in to another mobile network provider.
You are to walk into any Etisalat experience center MPOS. Meet with the Etisalat rep and explain to him or her what brought you there.

Please do note that you are to bring along with you a valid identification card, which you must make a photocopy of at least a copy. And also bring along with you the Etisalat mobile you want to change to.

When you have gotten to the Experience centre, you will be requested to start the porting process by texting
“ PORT” to 3232 . At this stage, your personal info which will be needed for the porting process will be be given to them by you.

Since you are porting to Etisalat you will be issued an Etisalat Sim card.  The porting process if successful will only take a maximum 48 hours.

On a normal scenario this particular process should take up 24 hours before it can be completed. This means means that you are expected to keep your phone on after which you will be receiving an SMS from Etisalat group which will  confirm that you have successfully Ported from MTN to

When you have received a confirmation message from Etisalat, Your Old SIM will stop working automatically and there and then you will start enjoying Etisalat services on your new Etisalat SIM Card without you making any change of your current phone number.

It is very important that I lay this down. If you have ported, you will surely be restricted from porting your number to a third service provider or back to your original service provider within a minimum of ninety (90) days of the previous port.

Please be informed that you surely will lose all contacts in your former mobile network provider SMS,any  MMS stored in the OLD SIM card will as well be automatically disabled. Any  unused airtime and bonuses that was in the previous network provider SIM will be lost.

How To Port from MTN To Etisalat. Port To Etisalat From MTN

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