How To Pay For DSTV Subscription Using ATM In Nigeria.

 I am so delighted to be sharing this information with you on how you can pay for your DSTV Subscription via the ATM in Nigeria.

 As i have earlier talked about in my previous article on DSTV, DSTV is as far as Nigeria and the whole of the African continent is concerned, is a major leading cable satellite TV provider in
Nigeria and African at large and they have made it easier for subscribers to pay for DSTV subscriptions via ATM.dstv

One of the way to make this happen is using the Quickteller online service.
But using the quickteller option can online be possible if the subscriber have access to internet connection on his or her mobile phone or laptop.

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But sometimes one might not have internet connectivity. So this case what do the person do?

DSTV have made so easy to pay for your DSTV Subscription using the
nearest automated teller machine (ATM) close to you so long as you have an ATM card. So i will be teaching us on how to pay for DSTV Subscription Using ATM In Nigeria.

How to Pay for DSTV Subscription Using ATM in Nigeria.

This process is very simple and it will cost you a stress free adventure doing it. All you need to do i have already documented below.

1.Go straight to any automated teller
machine (ATM) and insert your ATM card.

2. You are to Enter your PIN Number  and press the Ok button

3. At this point, you are to Select the Quickteller option on the ATM machine.

4. At this point, you will be expected to Select the Pay Bills Option . You are to Select DSTV option

5. Now a list of various Bouquets will be displayed with the price tag attached to each.

6. Please you are now to do well to select the preferred option

7. At this particular stage, you will be provided with a column for you to enter your DSTV Smart card number

8. 0n the ATM Machine, A verification screen will be displayed for you to confirm your details.

9. If the details you see correspond with what have entered, then Click on “ok”

After you must have paid for the DSTV Subscription using ATM, your DSTV will be reactivated immediately.

Well for cases whereby your payment was successful and your DSTV was not reactivated, All you need do is Simply send RA SmartCard Number to 30333.
Let me give you an example format.
E.G. “RA 1234567890 send to 30333”
Your DSTV will be instantly reactivated for your viewing.