How to Pay Dstv Bills Online in Nigeria

   How to Pay Dstv Bills Online in Nigeria

I have seen old men and women who lives the comfortability of their home to pay for DSTY subscription. Nah. That’s lack of information. Well the goodnews is that you are reading this post. Because it it very possible to pay for your DSTV subscription without leaving the comfort zone of your house to any bank or payment center. The reason is that there is a better strategy of doing it. That means I will be showing how you can subscribe your Digital Satellite Television through your mobile device,through your  ATM debit card or through web by using
quickteller payment service. dstv-logo-image.jpg

So you will agree with me that going to payment centers and queuing up for turns to get your DSTV subscribed is a whole waste of time. Today I will be teaching us simple strategy on how to subcribe our DSTV with convenient on either with our phones, web ny going through the Quickteller payment services which is very quick or by your ATM.
Please before I commence the tutorials, I would like us to understand that there is a no linkage between DSTV subscription and that of the likes of GOtv, Startimes and Multichoice satellite TV. This means that you should no subscribe to one and expect connection for another.
Note: Dstv online payment is unrelated to the likes of
GOtv, Startimes or multichoice satellite Tv
companies, so you should not subscribe to one and expect connection for the other.
It is on record that dstv has the highest viewing population in Nigeria. Well one should not be too surprise about that because it is the only satellite Tv in the continent and in Nigeria that offers much more great interesting television services in Nigeria. The basic thing is this, don’t get ahead of yourself. Do what is written down here and see yourself not going through any form of stress.
So if you are interested in subscribing to your favourite DSTV channels without going through any form of stress or probably you don’t want to learn that your favourite channel ( for me, supersport 3) is blocked then you can conveniently do your subscription via these simple ways I have put down for your reading pleasure.
Please remember that you can make payment through the ATM
machine, or your mobile phone.
Pay DStv Subscription Online.
Now for you to be able to pay and complete the online payment of your Dstv, there are certain things that you must no. They are as follows.
– The Dstv smartcard number
– The DStv system purchase and account activation name
You must have an internet connected computer system, It is adviceable to .avoid the use of mobile phone browser because that pattern of may not be able to render the required script that will be generated.

How To Pay DSTV Subscription Via
This services requires you to have a master or a verve card. Well if you don’t have the aforementioned, you can use the quickteller option on your debit card.
First and foremost, you are required to
-Log on to When the page is opned, on the DSTV subscription menu, you should select the package you wish to pay for. At this point.
– you will be required to type your DSTV smartcard number and the account name also.
– When you get to this page, you have to  select the form of payment for the voucher to be transferred to the interswitch web pay where you will
be required to enter your ATM details.
on the interswitch webpage portal there is a category where you have a button to select your card type. If you are you using verve or MasterCard, you are requested to  enter the 16 digit card
number, the card cvv number which is usually should and must be a 3 digit number at the back of your card.
– Enter your pin
-click on pay and wait for a successful payment

How to Pay For DSTV Subscription On An ATM Machine.
For those of us who have been using the ATM machine, you would have noticed each ATM machine has a quickteller option. With that alone, it has made it more easier and convinient for you to use the option to make payment for your DSTV subscription.
Below are the very simple steps, you will be using to do payments for the subscription of your Dstv.
– slot in your ATM debit card into the ATM machine
-you will see a button indicating that you enter your pin code. So u enter the code.
-press the “next” button which takes you to the quickteller option category where you will see the DSTV payment option
for the various DSTV plans and prices
– Follow the instruction that will be shown to you by the ATM machine to complete the DSTV subscription payment.
In a scenero where after payment you observe that the channels that where suppose to did not show, then you can call the customer care line on this number. 012703232 to request for restoration of your DSTV
bouquet channels.
I hope you have found this information useful. If you have, then leave us a comment. If you do not find it okay, then let us no about it by commenting. Thank you.

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