How to Make Single Email Account Act as Multiple Email Accounts

We have various sites where we are needed to provide more than just a new email aDDRESS once the limit of one email account has elasped. For example, only 25 downloads are allowed on a single email ID.This means thatin order for you to complete  downloads of about 2000, you will require or need to provide about 125 email address which to me sounds somehow.

But there is a solution to this problem. Google+ will help you treat a single email account as a multiple one. What is required of you is to have a valid and genuine email address with google. There is no mush work work to do here. All that you will have to do, is to do some adjustment and modification in your already existing gmail account.
The question is, how can you modify or adjust an already existing gmail acount.
Using The dot or period (.)
Note that Gmail has “dot bindness” that means that the dot or dots are not recognized by the Gmail. This means that if Gmail sees a dot on your email account, it sees it as an email. ” the left part” Just check out this example. (original email id) (newer email id) (newer email id) (newer email id)
So we can just get or generate more emails. All we need to do is to place the mails ” ” here and there in an already existing gmail account. That means any sent to any of the above email address would be directly placed in the inbox of original id i.e

Using the plus ( “+” ) proceeded by any number of characters
Another dramatic way to generate a newer email account, is to just add “+” and maybe any number or character. Like before, Gmail will discard the “+” sign. That means all the characters will placed to the next of “+” sign. Let’s have a look on some of the examples: (original email id)  (newer email id) (newer email id) (newer email id)

and so on. Again, mail sent to any of above address will be delivered to the inbox of “”.

Using domain name “”

The only way left for me to display is to use domain “” instead of “”. Let’s have a look on examples:

“” and


both are treated as same.You can use combination of these methods too as :,

 How to Make Single Email Account Act as Multiple Email Accounts