How to Make Payments Online in Nigeria Using QuickTeller –

I do believe that making payment for services rendered to you via online is the best and most secured avenue for payment. And that’s the reason I have decided to make this post. So that I will teach people on how to make payments for Bills online using the

This platform gives you convenient access to an array of online services which include topping or recharging
up your mobile phone, making payments of goods you have purchased. And for those who wish to transfer money to anybody at any time.
I have listed the list things you can do with QuickTeller. So with  you can do the following Transactions:

1. Buy airtime: this is one of the most popular stuffs you can do with the Quickteller option. With you can buy airtime and also send airtime
directly to your phone of any network. You can also send or transfer airtime to another person’s mobile phone.

2. Send Money: With the QuickTeller option you can transfer money to any account nationwide. And this service is quick and fastest. No matter where the person is located, he or she will receive the money immediately you send it. Money can still be sent to a friend’s phone number so they could receive it at any QuickTeller cardless enabled ATM.

3. Pay Bills: I believe almost every associations, organisations and multi national schools do accept the QuickTeller option of payment for Bilss and fees. The truth is that QuickTeller as it is now,  have a very large number or merchants, associations, schools for you
to pay bills. Other examples are  DSTv, PHCN bills. It is more secure and convenient.

4. Receive Money: For those people who have people outside Nigeria that do send them money, can use the Quickteller option to receive it via the Western Union Money Transfer. This can be received by enabled Agent banks.

How to Register with QuickTeller

For those who are interested registering with QuickTeller, I have documented a simple step to step guide on how to go about it.

1. If you are to open an account with quickteller. You are to visit the official registration portal at

 2. You will see a menu indicating that you click either Login and sign up, you are to Click on the “sign up”  box because you do not have an account with them. So you ar to click “register”

 3. You will be presented with a registration form. You are to fill out the form. You will be providing your email, Name, Mobile Number and Password.

 4. At this point, you can click submit.
   Now you have been successfully registered to

If you have done this, you can now pay bills, transfer money and recharge your mobile phone device without going through the stressful process of writing cheques and carring huge cash around therefore risking the safty of your life and that of others.