How To Make Money With

Many people do not no that one can Make money with site in Nigeria.

There are lots ways to make money online. They range from affiliate marketing, domain resell, selling of e-products, placing of ads in blogs/website, etc.
But today we will be discussing on how we can make money on with platform.
OXL as it were, is an online exchange which does its operations on an online local classifieds marketplace through accessing the internet and through the OXL apps on your mobile phones

 According to research,,  operates in 40 about countries of the world. These offices operations in Brazil, Argentina, India, Indonesia, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Switzerland, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Thailand, Philippines, Pakistan, Kazakhstan etc.

OXL, was originally founded in March 2006 by two giant Internet entrepreneurs in the persons of Fabrice Grinda and Alec Oxenford. But as it is now, OXL is owned by global media and digital company Naspers.

So today, OXL is offering you a good money making platform where you can buy any goods and product and still sell it your own way or price. It could be an old stuff or new stuff which you just want to do away with. OXL is here to help you do that. As it were, you can a little stuff of your like your Radio set or your big house.

So for everyone who wish to make good use of this wonderful opportunity to make money online from their old/new stuffs and are still entitled to keep the whole commission.

One unique thing about this OLX thing  is that it works with your locality.  This means that, whenever you want to post an offer, you have the right to make a choice of choosing the area you are or want to sell your product in.

With that option the buyer and the seller have the following benefits.

At least the buyer and the seller will have the chance to Meet one on one

The buyer will have to see the exact product he wants to buy

The seller collects cash rather than payment to the bank.

Now lets talk business. I want to show the simple method i have been using to make money online via These methods are very simple. What i do is simple. I buy some god products which are hot cake in the market, then i resell at a higher price at OXL. It is that simple. Some of these products i buy are very cheap, and when i sell, i sell on a higher price.

How to Start Making on

1. All that is required from you is to simply log www.,
2. You will have to be Registered with them and choose

3. You have to click “my location”

This is a testimony of a friend who have made money through

He said this. “i simply logged in to  www. I searched for the item I wanted to buy (bold 4). I saw a lot of blackberry bold 4, the sellers, the day they posted the item and their contact. So I decided to call the sellers and ask about the item in offer and if it has issues. To my amazement, most of the people I called where giving me the “I have sold it” and “sold” responses. And if it might amaze you like I was, the items were posted less than 3 days ago. I heard to choose another location closer to where I was and searched again. This time I was eventually lucky after the usual “I have sold it” response. I found one who just put his phone on offer for #8k. I negotiated with the guy but he insisted on the price and I arranged for a meeting the next day.

We met the next day and I saw the phone and it was in good shape, everything was working perfectly. I asked him why he was selling his phone considering the good shape of the phone and he responded that he needed money and that he has more than 2 phones and decided to sell one. I took the phone home and made use of it for what it is intended and after which I decided to sell it back after serving its purpose as I am not a BB fan. Ask me how much I sold it and how long it took.

I sold the phone for #12k. That is a profit of #4k. I sold the phone within 2days of listing and was now the one telling buyers “I have sold it”. It then dawned on me that this can actually be a business opportunity.

I decided to use the money to buy 2 items from OLX at a cheap price, collected them and immediately re-list them for sell. The two items sold after 5 days and I made another #4k in as my gain. I decided to be adding just a little gain so as to be selling fast.

So you see how you can start making money online without much hustle” .

I have seen Some people who have actually sold their items in less than 15 minutes

How To Raise Money To Start You May Ask

You may be wondering what to do to raise money to start up your OXL business. Just Check your house, there could be stuffs that you do not need anymore. To You, it  might have no value but out there, someone, somewhere is looking for that thing to purchase.  JustPut it in OLX and give it a try.

Now let me borrow the words of my friend whose story we just read. Always be very Creative, Learn to be Smart AND Be Sensitive to opportunities. Whenever you see a new thing or encounter something weird that might just be an opportunity of a life time.

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