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How To Make Money Online in Nigeria 2016 – Well, for many people the internet is a reservoir of wealth and a place place to actually make millions of money so long you know what you are doing on a daily. Do not mistake this for some sort of illegal business on the internet. So many people have made lots of millions from the internet. Infact so many persons refers to it as the white liquid reservoir. To this end, i will be teaching us on how to make money Online In Nigeria 2016. This means that wherever you are, you can make money so long you are passionate and committed to it.

 On this post, i will show you some easy ways on how you can make money online as a Nigerian from the comfort of your house which will finally make you a boss of your own.

 I would plead with you to take this very serious and work on every thing i will be showing you. This article will make you debunk all that was taught you that you would need to have certificate in other to succeed in life. But this principle will make you come out ontop because it will not require you to produce your certificate or your CVs.

 Research have showed that some Nigerians have actually made millions of naira on the internet from the comfort of their home. This they did not through an illegal means but through a genuine means. The likes of Linda, Jide Ogbonge etc, have all been beneficiaries of what i am telling you about.

 I may not know you, but i can reach you through my article. I have seen people who rosed from zero to hero by just applying this simple principles i will be showing you shortly.

 There are 5 legitimate ways i will be showing you which you can apply to make money online in Nigeria 2016. Please note that these 5 ways i will be sharing with you have all been tested and are trusted because many persons who have tested them can testify to what they have done for them.

 Mind you, these principles do not require huge capital to start at all. Just with few capital in the range of #2,500, you are good to go.

 Ways On How to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2016 – Tested And Trusted

1. Blogging
Many people still believe that blogging is the surest and simplest way to Make Money Online in Nigeria. It could be true because anybody can do and it doesn’t require a large capital for a start up. Now the truth about this is that it is simple o but it also requires patience. Because in Blogging, patience is the keyword. If you doubt it, ask the likes of Jide of Ogbongeblog, Linda of Lindaikeji, etc.

  For those who do blogging, they will tell you that they are very far from where they where years ago. Many blogger friend of mine where able to see themselves through their university education with the earnings from their blog. For those who wants to be a blogger or have tried and never succeeded, then try this.

 The First and most important thing you are to do, have a mentor who can guide you on blogging techniques .

 Like i have said before, the blogging ministry requires your passion and hard work.

 You are to Chose a niche that you love and choose it from what you love because at the long run, it will be the source from where inspiration comes from .

 Blogging requires your full attention and hard work

 You are to Update your blog on a  regular basis.

 Now listen to this, in your first two months, you may not have visitors to flood your blog because at this stage, it is still going through a developmental stage.

Setting Up Your Blog

 You should note that there basically two types of blog. They are the Blogger and the WordPress blog .  For the blogger, it is owned by Google itself.  If you have one, ypou dont pay to own one. It is free of charge. Then for the WordPress, it is not for free and it is a hosted blog and you have to pay for the hosting and registration of your site. Currently as it now regarding the current dollar rate, it might cost you not less than N5,000 only. If you are interested in having one, just contact me through the comment box and ensure you attach your email to it. I will help you.

2. Create and sell your E-book
If you have created a site, you should go into E-book selling which should concern a particular Information that people will need. All you need do is to write on any topic you are very well conversant with and you also know that people will sought after the information. You will be surprise that they will contact you and buy such E-Book from you .

3. Affiliate Marketing
I have done this before and it is all about helping some companies to sell their various products online. The deal is this, these companies will give you a particular percentage of the profit of any product you sold. Below are the the Nigerian Websites that do offer Affiliate Marketingthis service, includes – – — e.t.c

4. Fiverr

 For starters, the Fiverr money making matching is a global online marketplace which is used primarily by freelancers offering tasks and services. This services do begin at a very low cost of only $5 per task or service rendered. The Freelancers on as it where, do offer services to customers from anywhere a customer is located around the globe. For now, the Current listings on include more than three million services on the site that range between $5 and $500.


How To Create A Fiverr Account –

The only way you can download this fiverr is by Visiting the Official Fiverr Website, or copy into your browser URL and after which, you can click ‘Join’ in the top right corner.       As you go on, you will actually be provided with a space to fill in your email address. It is also very possible to sign up using Facebook or Google+.
Next you’ll be required to choose a Username and Password. Be sure to create a unique username as your account will not be created if you use a username that has already been taken by someone else.
Once you have chosen a username and password, click ‘JOIN’ and you’ll be signed into your new account. By clicking Join, you are agreeing to the terms of Fiverr’s service.
A confirmation mail will be sent to the email address you provided, make sure you open the email and click the confirmation link to confirm your newly created Fiverr account.

I have met some experts who told me that creating an America Fiverr account is far better than creating a Nigerian Fiverr account. Well i will be very objective about this now.  Well i am not in either support of using a Nigerian Fiverr account to make money online of that notion as it is also possible to earn good income online using your Nigerian account but for the benefit of those that would prefer to create an American Fiverr account, i will sure teach you on how you can create the account.

How To Create An American Fiverr Account

Like I mentioned earlier, I am not a big fan of this but for the purpose of knowledge, I’ll share what I know with you, although it is generally believed that American accounts make more money since their Gigs are more often requested compared to other countries. can detect a computer’s IP, and so it automatically knows which country a user is creating an account from. The only major task in creating an American account is that you’ll have to use a tool, plugin, extension or software that can enable you to change your system IP.

I would recommend AnonymoX – This plugin functions greatly on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browser, all you need to do is search for the plugin, install and enable it on your browser.

For more on fiverr, click here

5. Article Writing
For those who are genius and gifted in writing can function and do well here. For those who  are talented in article writing can write for big blogs and earn money for yourselves.

 For those who want to do this, i would sure advise you to start writing article for many blog owners online.  Well note that whatever you write on will depend on the niches of the blog you are writing for.

 How To Make Money Online in Nigeria 2016

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