How to Make Facebook Video call On Mobile Devices & PC

I have discovered of late that many people still do find it very hard to make Make Facebook Video call: So right here in this post, i will be exclusively teaching on how you make Facebook free video call on Android, iOS enabled devices and on your PC.facebook-video-chat

Kudos must be given to Facebook who came up with this new innovation called Facebook free video call, with it, you can call your loved ones, business associate without any extra cost. It should be noted that this is quit different from the conventional call pattern.

The Facebook video calls can be done using Android phones, laptop, Tablet, iPhone, etc. All you need to do is first of create a Facebook account if don’t have one in order to have access to the free video call. To sign up Facebook account, visit
Facebook free video calls

How to Make Facebook Video call using PC?

1., I is very important that you know how to set up a Facebook video call before proceeding.

When you want to make a call all you do is simply click on the video icon at the top of your chat window.  When you are done clicking on the Video icon, another window will pop up with the question, Would you like to share your camera and microphone with Then simply click on share selected devices. Facebook free video call starts automatically once you click on share with selected devices. If the recipient fails to pick, close the window and click the video icon at the top of your chat window to call back later.

How to Make Free Facebook video call using Android & iPhone?

Well making a Facebook video call is very much supported by Android phone, iPad, iPhone and other devices. How to Make Free Facebook video call actually has know different process from that of laptops. So all that is required of you is to follow the process for making video calls on Laptop PC above.

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