How to Install iOS 9 Public Beta 1 on Your iPhone / iPad

How to Install iOS 9 Public Beta 1 on Your iPhone / iPad
For beginners, it is very easy for anyone to install the Apple Beta Software upgrade without the person being a good developer in the past. Though some forms of expertise are needed to do this, but it is not as such that cant be handled by even a learner. So long my teachings are followed carefully.
It is noted that only developers have good access to Beta iOS upgrade but as it stands now, there is a public beta iOS 9 that you may want to give a try that is actually worth it.
Well, as easy as it seems that you being a beginner can install it, doesn’t mean that it will be automatically easy for use. There is a warning that you don’t install it on your device that you frequently used daily so that you don’t end up losing some precious documents of yours. Because something might go wrong and your app may not just function as you should expect.

How To Get Started.
1. First and most importantly, you must go to Aplle’s Beta Software Programme page and sign Up

2. Now you will be requested to sign in with your Apple ID. The sign in details must be that same ID you ues on your Apple ID.
3. At this juncture, you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions when you are done with the reading of the terms and conditions.
4. At this stage, you will be connecting your device to iTunes and ensure you back it up. Maje sure you backup through iTunes and dont just depend on iCloud backup only. How to Install iOS 9 Public Beta 1 on Your iPhone

5. Now you will have to launch or better still open the safari on your iOS phone and visit beta so that you can easily download the needed configuration profile to your phone.

6. Choose now to install the profile app and make sure you enter the correct PIN is you are asked. When you are done with the installing, then restart your syste.

7. Restarted? Now go to Settings > General > Software Update. My iPhone 4s was already trying to download the update because I was connected to a WiFi.

Now at this point, you are almost through with the whole process. Just click Install Now and wait till the whole thing is done.

How to Install iOS 9 Public Beta 1 on Your iPhone