How To Get Agricultural Loan in Nigeria

How To Get Agricultural Loan in Nigeria

As it is now, the Nigerian society is turning to the Agricultural sector for the Economic growth and stability of the Nation.  How To Get Agricultural Loan in Nigeria

Many graduates today have turned their attention away from the pursuing the conventional white collar job and that which the oil sector could produce. Now the attention is turning to the Agricultural sector. Now you should know that financing Agricultural activities for for commercial purpose is very expensive and therefore will require some amount of cash.
Anyway the banks are always there to bail people out. And that’s why there are lots of Agricultural development banks across the Nation. But getting loans from these banks are usually not easy. There but some processes that are involved in doing this. That is why i have decided to write this article to showcase to my audience how they can get loan from the bank on Agricultural purpose.

We are no longer new to the constant declining of the Naira against the US dollars. This is hugely a problem caused the over-dependence on oil revenues is what is currently a major problem weakening the Naira daily because of the recent crash in price of a barrel of crude oil in the international market. According to recent report, the agricultural sector is un-arguably the largest employer of labour in Africa and therefore is needed to diversify the economy.

According to our findings from the Federal ministry of Finance, the Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN) releases around 200 Billion Naira in agric loans through the Bank of Agriculture and some other commercial banks to help fix up the problem of capital in farming business across the Federation.

        How to get agricultural loan in Nigeria

These grants and loans were meant to  to cover many of aspects of farming. These farming includes fish farming, poultry farming, snail farming, pig farming, oil palm farming, cotton farming, cassava farming, rice farming, Maize farming etc.

For those intending to get an agric loan, you are first and foremost advised to visit your state’s branch of Bank Of Agriculture (BOA) to make inquiries on what is needed to apply for it.
Some of the criteria for the possibility to obtain a loan is that such a person intending to acquire such a loan must have banked with BOA for a period of six months. In addition, the person must have saved not less than twenty percent of the amount he or she intends to get as loan.
Some other policies include the fact that new customers, you cannot be given loans above #150,000.

For those who will wish to get a loan deal for your existing farm, you must as a matter of fact have a documented records of every income and spending you will be intending to do.
If you are having a new farm and wish to get a loan deal for it, you must present to the bank (BOA) a solid business plan which i believe non-negotiable requirement.

I will be showing us some better way to get loan for Agric purposes in Nigeria. I have used this medium before. It is one of the fastest way to get loans from the banks. Now this what you should do. Get yourself hooked or registered in any Co-operative societies. Because sometimes it is very difficult for banks to give loans to individuals. So they prefer to give loans through agricultural co-operatives are not given on individual basis but as grants to the organization itself which then share it out based on contributory payment. I would also advised you try to locate FADAMA in your local government and be part of them.

Another source of loans i will advised you to go into for agric business is Youth Business Initiatives. But the issue here is that they will rather buy farm materials and input them to you  as loan instead of granting to you raw cash.

Commercial banks in Nigeria ( like UBA, FirstBank, Stanbic IBTC etc) do  offer credit facilities informs of loans to farmers for farming purpose. But you have to follow their laid down rules and procedures.


  1. james scott says:

    contact and you wont regret as i was just given my loan i asked for three days ago

  2. RATHAN CHAROD says:


    • Our cooperative rural farmers organization, having 4.960 hectares farm land (with duly registered deed of conveyance), facilities on ground, with business plan, needs a small loan package of N10,000,000.00 to diversify into an integrated banana/plantain and snail farm at a rural community called Tema, in Asari Toru Local Government of Rivers State of Nigeria. We will appreciate if you may wish to contact the undersigned as our contact person, via e-mail or on mobile number 08036909305 to start discussion.
      Thank you,
      MR. PHOTO B. AGALA (JP),

  3. Joseph Ilim says:

    Please help me so that i may get this loan and start up. I really need help please

  4. Joseph Ilim says:
  5. Kindly provide further information on requirements for obtaining the agricultural loans. Thanks

  6. wale kazeem says:

    Guys, its not just getting the loan but the interest payable on the loan. Remember agricultural produce requires some time to yield. In fact if you have not expanded to a level where you have broken even and started making profit, it is most senseless to ask for a loan. This is the problem, Identify serious farmers and grant them loans with minimal interest. We should also bear in mind the economics of the particular agricultural business we are doing because price is largely dependent on market forces.

  7. Ibrahim Jigirya says:

    Pls, how can i get this loan to boost my poultry farm.

  8. Ibrahim Jigirya says:
  9. Kinog Consultancy Services says:

    Its nice knowing your efforts at helping farmers get finance for their activities. Are there available donors or agencies that have some sort of funds for agricultural activities in Nigeria apart from the banks ? If there are please lets us know. Thanks

  10. Christopher says:

    Thanks for your concern. I have a small farm and am fast growing but I need a loan to finish and start off fully. from ur suggestion I need like minds to join in the cooperative.

  11. do you need a loan fund if yes contact us with our

  12. Robinson Nwankwuda says:

    Hello, my name is Robinson Nwankwuda. Please i need a loan of N3,000,000 to start an extensive snail farming. Please I will appreciate if a feed back is sent to me through my email address: Phone number:08106568776. Thanks

    • Ogumka Innocent says:

      You have to contact the state Agricultural board on that. Or better still, Vists some of the leading Micro finance banks in Nigeria for sift Agricultural Loans

  13. adebayo rufus says:

    please how can i get loan for my fish farming.

  14. SAMSON BABA says:


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