How to Create New Gmail Account – Login

The most important question on the minds of people regarding Gmail, is What is and why should anyone sign up for it?

Well as it is, the Gmail account is one of the best worldwide best-known e-mail service which currently provides millions of people all around the world a free e-mail account service. It should be noted that using of is completely free, which means you don’t have to pay for anything at all. Amongst its numerous services, the Gmail is one of the most famous services of Google which is also connected to the other services of Google.
For those of  you that already have a Google account, well, you don’t have to
sign up for a separate Gmail account too.  All you need do is just to Gmail login then with your already Gmail account.

It is on record that the big advantage of Gmail is that you can view your email wherever you are and whenever you want. The Gmail servers are always up and running, and as far as I am concerned, you will never be confronted with down-time.
As it is now, it is very possible to download the Gmail app on your smartphone of tablet and then login
Gmail. For this to happen, you will need to have an internet connection in order to view your e-mail on your smartphone of tablet computer.

The Gmail Features:

We have the Gmail Drive Free Storage. Now this is the best part about joining Gmail service because Google owns it and they are one of the best at email business. So, they have come up
with an excellent added service along with Gmail which is G Drive which provides extra cloud storage facility from Google. This means that you will be given 15 Gigabytes of free storage and you can also do upgrading later up to 30 Terabytes.

The Inbox Tabs and Category Labels –
This newly updated category classification allows users to separate promotions,social and updates into
Various different tabs.

Customizable Themes- With this latest Gmail upgrade, you can be able customize your theme by selecting from colour, HD, Custom , Classic themes.They provide you more than 30+ potential themes.

 This is another amazing feature known as the Group Chat. Which means You can chat with a number of friends by simply adding them to any chat room of yours.  Though there are some basic restrictions on the chat/messaging service.

Voice Calls Feature – Just as Gmail is growing enormously as a mailing giant in the mailing industry, they are also providing basic and important services like Voice calls which are calls for free.  You are not to pay anything for the video calls made thorough

Group Hangouts/Google Hangouts – The Group hangouts is a video gathering program or initiative introduced  by Gmail which is similar to webinars. As a registered user, you are licensed to create a video hangout on any topic and add up to 10 different friends.

Switch Multiple Accounts – To me, this very update, is really a useful one based on the fact that it allows you to change from one account to another without you logging off. So you can also add multiple accounts by clicking on ” add Account”

Mobile Phone Requirements For

1. Must have 3G or higher

 2. Must have front camera Android phone or iphone

 3. You must have Rooted android phones and jail-broken iphones will not work with the app

 Desktop Requirements:

 1. Windows xp, 7,8

 2. Mac OSX 10.7+

 3. You Must have compatible browsers:
 4. Firefox,IE9+,Google

 5. Chrome, Safari

 How To Set-Up New Gmail account

 For those interested in creating a Gmail you mus follow the following instructions.

 1.  you must first need to create a Google account. This can be done by signing in through the official signup page at and google will redirect you to the Google account signup page. As a sign up procedure, you will be required to provide some basic information which include your name, birthdate, gender, and location. In addition, you will also be required to choose a name for your new Gmail address. Immediately you create an account, only then will you be able to start adding contacts and adjusting your mail settings.

 How To create or Sign a  New Gmail Account:

 1. You must First Go to

 2. Then Click Create an account.

3. After which the signup form will appear. Just follow the directions and enter the required information, such as your name, birthdate, and gender.

4. Finally, review Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, click the check box, then click Next step.

5. You will see the Create your profile page which will  appear. Then Click
Add a photo if you want to add a photo to
your Google+ profile. If you don’t want to set a profile photo at this time, click Next step.

That’s all that is needed to create a account.