How to Connect WhatsApp to your PC computer –

How to Connect WhatsApp to your PC computer –

Many whatsapp users do not know that they could still chat with te whatsapp application on their PC computers. Better still, many do not believe that chatting with on your PC, is very interesting.watsapp
To able to use this application to chat on your PC, its a very cool and more relaxing thing to be able to chat on whatsapp using your desktop computer. One of the good thing about thing about The WhatsApp Web version, is that it has made things easy especially when you are trying to manage the usage of your data on your mobile device.

Contrary to what other publishers are writing, You are not to download any of the whatsapp desktop application on your PC system.
 It should be noted thar the WhatsApp Web version uses the browser on your PC. (Works better on Google Chrome browser)

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How to Connect WhatsApp to your PC computer
STEP 1 (The Basics)

Now for this to work, you must ensure that you have the latest version of Whatsapp installed on your mobile phone/device.  but if you dint have that, all you need do is to update your Whatsapp from Google Playstore on your Mobile phone. Then you are good to go.

STEP 2 (Setting-up WhatsApp Web)

On your PC browser, you are expected to visit

Like i have said before, Chrome or Torch are preferable on


After launching into the You will see  “QR Code“ At this stage, you will have to leave the web page/browser open and move to STEP 3

STEP 3 (Final Step)

Click on WhatsApp Web

When you have foolowed the above instructions, then Open WhatsApp on your mobile phone/device and make sure you click on the Option menu. When you have done that, click WhatsApp Web Mobile_Whatsapp_Code Scan
Target the QR Code

When you click on WhatsApp Web, your camera will come ON and right there in the square box, focus your camera to your desktop on the QR Code on your browser. Aftee this, just chil and see what happens next.

If you have successfully done this, You now have been connected your whatsApp to your PC

There is no different between the whatsapp on your mobile phone and that on your PC.This means that you now have the same features as your mobile phone Whatsapp, So you can still do same thing on the whatsapp on your PC just the sameFor example,  thing you could do on the whatsapp on your mobile phone device.  upload files, pictures and also use your laptop Camera . So enjoy Whatsapp desktop which will still be using the internet connection on your Laptop/Desktop.

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