How To Become A Nollywood Star – How To Be An Actor | Actress In Nigeria

How To Become A Nollywood Star – How To Be An Actor | Actress In Nigeria

Recently, i was in a seminar where persons were taught on How To Become a Nollywood / Nigerian Movie Star

  It was a mind blowing encounter. And i have decided to make it known to those who must have had the desire to become a Nollywood star. Believe me, if you will go through this vividly ell, you are sure on your way to that very top where you are meant to be.gene

You may not know me because I like been behind the camera and many people I have given an advice has ended up been a popular actor/actress. I know right now many of our home videos are nothing to write home about but I am giving you my word, Nigeria Nollywood will get there. How? i don’t know. And how you are be a part of the Nigeria Nollywood is what I will be sharing to you. I hope you will take some time out and read this article very well and you will end up been a star in the movie industry.

 Now, in becoming a Nollywood actor of that magnitude of the likes of Ini Edo, you must posses a quality called “self Confidence” The reason for this is that during auditioning, those who are the auditioners will be looking at your confidence and how compose you are. When i talk about confidence i am talking about self trust. You need to understand who and what you are capable of doing. Though they might not give you roles that suitable to you, you just have to believe you can do it. That’s what i am talking about.

  I am sharing with you exactly what i was taught during the seminar and many persons who came where renowned Nollywood big stars. They shared with us their experiences on how they came to lime light. So am sharing all with you.

 How To Become A Nollywood Star – How To Be An Actor |Actress In Nigeria

 Secondly you have to hold on to your dreams on becoming a top movie star. No matter what happens, no matter what you pass through, ensure you don’t give up on your dreams. To me, this should be on the first list. Many persons who should have made it to the top have long missed the way due to lack of persistence. This is as important as anything. One thing you must understand is that passion is what you should posses. This means that even if you are not going to be paid for the job, you just have to do the job. Let your passion come first no matter the circumstances you find around the job, you have to bear and do the job. The truth is this, when you develpoe a strong passion for it, that becomes your solid foundation and your climbing tool. If you are told to pay to do a job, look for money and do it. Because that’s where it starts. You are gonna be happy you did one day.

 Another very important thing that was discussed during the seminar was Attitude. Attitude according to Brian Tracy, is everything. Many persons lack this and that is why they have not moved further in the industry. Let me quote one of my mentors Mrs Mfon ” You attitude not your skills keeps you on the job.” With your attitude, forget your skills, you can go places. Those who have gone far in the industry, will tell you that attitude and not just skills brought them this far. So i will advise that you take good care of that part of you. Work on it daily. If you need help on that, you can a good books on it. Attitude is everything by Brian Tracy is a good one.

 I no many of you will be wondering what does reading of books got to do with my career? Well, i am sharing with you the secrets of top actress already ahead of you. If they went through this to become who they are, then i see no reason why you should not follow suite.

 Now, lets discuss how you can be a registered member of the Nollywood industry. Its quite simple so am gonna state the various procedures of doing that.

 Please note that Nollywood is an industry and before you can become a member, you must be registered. To this is very simple. All the various state capital cities in the country have the Actors Guide Of Nigeria (AGN) headquarters. Now you should also note that the registration fees for these states varies. And the reason is not far fetched. Simply because of the job influx that comes to the state or that are been done in the state. From our latest updates, states like Enugu, Lagos, Abia, Anambra have the highest AGN Registration free because of the constant movie production that goes on there.

 How To Be An Actor In Nigeria

 Please be aware that being a registered member of the AGN, does not automatically give you an acting slot. You have to go for it. It is your call and you have to make it until you reach that pinnacle where you become a sort after.

  This is one of the reason we do advise people to get themselves hooked to a particular movie industry and register with the director so that when movie Jobs comes up, you will adequately be notified. The reason for the registration is that when these industries gets a movie job, they first call up their own registered members before outsiders. The industry might not be a popular one o. That should not be a yardstick for not registering with them because someday someone may want to use them to shoot a very big movie and that alone has shoot your name and career to the top.

 That’s all i can take for the now from all they said during the seminar. If you are determined, these things shared should not be a problem to you. You can start from where you are and with what you have. All you need is your creative ability to think.

 I will do us all a favour. I will drop my email here, and if you know that you want to be a Nollywood star in Nigeria, send me a simple email on that i will give you contacts to some movie industries that can help your career. I am not a producer or a director o but i have published many advert placements for these movie industries then. So i still can link you to them without any charges. Other persons would charge you for these services but i have decided to do this free of charge. Send a mail to if you are interested in becoming a movie star.

How To Becoming a Nollywood /  Nigerian Movie Star

 There are other tips i have underscored and studied for a long time in becoming a movie star in Nigeria. They are listed below.

  How To Be An Actress In Nigeria

  1. Try and Read biographies of top nollywood stars eg, Biography of Mercy Johnson

2. Trust yourself and believe you have what it takes.

3. Attend Acting Auditions

4. If you can,attend a movie acting schools

 You can also visit Wale Adenuga Film Institute called PEFTI will help, visit them at

 You can also visit Wemimo film production which is an acting class in Ibadan and most of his student features in his movies.

 Good luck to you all.

 How To Become A Nollywood Star