How to Apply for USA Student Visa In Nigeria

How to Apply for USA Student Visa In Nigeria And The Requirements

For those who have tried to get their dream American Student Visa and been frustrated by the fact that they were denied of it, this is the good news. I am here to show you how you can achieve that without going through some frustrated procedures. You surely at the last call me and thank me for this useful information.
From latest research and reports, it has been discovered that most Nigerian students who wished to school in the United States Of America have most times given up these dreams simply because the Visas were not granted them.
The failure actually is not caused the by the Nigerian authority or the United States Visa agency, but most times is lack of adequate information on the part of the Nigerian Students. And that’s why am going to show us the right process of knowing How to Apply for USA  Student Visa In Nigeria And The Requirements.

It is very basically and important for you to understand what the US student visa is all about.
The US student visa is simply a non -immigrant visas that is under the US law and for this, to partake in this type of visa, all applicants must clearly be able to convince the US embassy that they have the intention and capability to pursue a full time course without financial constraints and be ready to come back to Nigeria, after their studies. To prove Your readiness to leave America after studies is best demonstrated by proving that you have a stable family, strong business and a well paid or paying job.

For starters,  There are two types of US student visa programs which the American Embassy grants. They are namely the F-1 visa and the M-1 visa.

For those who are interested attending the universities, colleges, seminaries, conservatories and high schools, then you must pick up the F-1 visa. Then for those who are intending students for vocational studies like mechanics, fashion design etc should get the M-1 visa.

It is  very wrong and could portrate danger to get any of these forms before admission into any of the available institutions. The first and most important thing you need do is to find a United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The USCIS service enables applicants gather information on their choice institution.

Don’t be carried away, though many American Universities, colleges and other academic institutions know much about and have knowledge about the F-1 visa process, it is still very and mandatory important to inquire first if the institution you intend to study in is approved by the US government and currently accepting international students, so that you will not end up wasting your time and money pursuing a school that is not approved the American govt

If you have met the admissions requirements of an approved program, the school will issue you a certificate of eligibility, this you will have to present to the US embassy to obtain either the F-1 or M-1 student visa.

 How to Apply for USA Student Visa In Nigeria And The Requirements

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