How To Apply For Pat Utomi Prize for Student Debate on Public Policy 2016

Pat Utomi Prize for Students’ Debate on Public Policy 2016 is an annual debate festival that aims at reviving and stimulating the fast eroding culture of students’ debates on campuses on government policies, programs and public affairs in Nigeria. As it where, every year, interested applicants  from various higher institutions in Nigeria will be participating in preliminaries that will qualify them for the grand finale which is scheduled to hold every 6th February alongside Prof Patrick Utomi’s birthday commemoration and annual lecture.pat

Based on what we have observed, at the period ranging from the first quarter of Nigeria’s independence, higher institutions of learning were known for great lectures and intellectually stimulating debates among students on different government policies and programs. Our higher institutions at that time were known as a source for providing alternate and qualitative views on public policies and affairs which government and social institutions considered in framing policy and program directions.

This will be te reason why in year 1976, Prof Pat Utomi as a 19 year old 300 level student of the University of Nsukka, in then Old Anambra State of Nigeria, wrote to and invited the late Amb. Joe Garba who was then Nigeria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs to come for a debate in his Campus with students on Nigeria’s Foreign Policy. Indeed Amb. Joe Garba honoured the invitation and flew all the way from Lagos to the University of Nsukka to debate and interact with students!

Now the question will be What actually gave Prof Pat Utomi the impetus to invite the then serving Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nigeria to his school for a debate was because it was an integral part of school and students activities to engage in robust debate on national issues.

As we all can see now, that culture has been eroded with music and dance competitions, beauty pageants and lotteries. And i as an educationist do believe that there is a great need and a clarion call to resuscitate that culture of debating and intellectual exchanges among our students to spur a new culture of intellectualism among next generation students and leaders.

Star Prize – N750,000.  Second Prize – N500,000. Third Prize – N250,000

Phase 1

 All  Students in any legally registered  higher institutions in Nigeria who are interested shall record a 2 minutes video and submit for screening and selection. The best 16 highest scoring applicants shall be selected for the next phase.

Phase 2

All 16 selected debaters shall converge in Abuja for a 1 day preliminary debate on 14 January, 2016. After the preliminary debate, 4 Debaters shall emerge to proceed to the grand finale.

Grand Finale

This last round of the debate between 4 finalists shall happen on 6th February, 2016 during the CVL Annual Lecture and commemoration of Prof Pat Utomi’s birthday in Lagos, Nigeria.

Undergraduates of legally registered tertiary institutions in Nigeria, below 27 years of age.
How To Participate

Step One
Record a 2 minutes video of yourself speaking on the topic “Should skills acquisition be mandatory for tertiary institutions?”

Step Two
Upload your video to your YouTube account

Step Three
Complete the Online Submission Form

Deadline for Submissions

January 8, 2016.

Pat Utomi Prize for Students Debate on Public Policy is an initiative of Youngstars Foundation in partnership with Centre for Values in Leadership.

For inquiries, email or call 07035535876/08020900285

Pat Utomi Prize for Students Debate on Public Policy 2016