Having Problems With N-Power Registration? www.npower.gov.ng

We have come to the understanding that many persons are finding it very difficult to apply for the npower.gov.ng, and that have prompted the entire team to bring about how that issue can be settled. So for those who must have been having issues applying for the N-Power registration, all you have to do now is to read through this post.

It should be noted that N-Power has opened up various channels to help jobless Nigerians to resolve all their registration challenges.
For those who are experiencing any form of challenges in their registration procedeures, these ones can send them a mail via info[at]npower.gov.ng.

In an Alternate, they can still  call any of the following npower phone numbers:
08104000042, 07013000448, 08180000832, 08155000502, 08064721654, 08032104248, 07061135700, 07063827141, 09029845349, 08060415596, 08060426227, 09022586371, 09026804126

Then when it comes to those who have issues like making mistakes or submitting wrong information during registration, problems with uploading your credentials, delayed acknowledgement mails, you can also have your questions answered and issues resolved when you connect with the N-Power via the N-Power Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/npowerng

But for those who have not registered for the N-Power Programme, I would advise that you apply now as the application deadline has been fixed on the 25th July, 2016.  Apply through this link www.npower.gov.ng

Having Problems With N-Power Registration? www.npower.gov.ng



  2. application is not opening for me register, why?

  3. I can not submit my application after uploading.

  4. iam not able to received my application number since five week ago I don’t know what happened?

  5. Badom Kelechi Regina says:

    I have challenge opening my e-mail address kesynovin@yahoo.com to access my correspondence. I want it change to reginabadom@yahoo.com

  6. Iwalesin yekeen abdulrauf says:

    Am unable to receive my slip i dont know what happen…

  7. I applied for npower teach since June but up till now I have not received any mail, so I don’t really know what’s going on please.

  8. YUSUF ADAMU says:

    I am registered 3time in the platform with the same ducument impormation,firstly i got problem of BVN, then second email problem. i thin this will not be problem 2 my registratiom,THANKS U .

  9. Khadijat Musa says:

    I have apply the first week thay open the web. But up til now no i have not receive any mail pls help

  10. Ukueku Oghenetega says:

    Pls, I registered for the N-power build and it was successful. After some weeks, I received the acknowledgemet letter but before I could print it out a week later, I could not find the mail in my inbox again. Pls can the mail be re-sent to my inbox so I can print out the details? I need your help pls. My name is Ukueku Oghenetega and I applied for N-power Build. Email: valtegalizo@gmail.com

  11. I don’t have any work but why Npower want to send me out with this programs ,

    So up to nown I wasn’t see any massage for accept me as candidate

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