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When i first heard of the GreenSpeer Nigeria, i was astonished by it. In fact i never believed that such a business module could this rewarding. I was amazed at it. Well, as it have always been our case, we would do all it takes to ensure that we bring to you the full details on how the GreenSpeer Nigeria Login actually works.

The GreenSpeer Nigeria Login and Registration can be done on their official website which  @ Please for the few minutes you will be reading this, please pay adequate attention on it so that you will have the full knowledge of the programme. Though many persons may not know how this GreenSpeer Nigeria Login works, i will be doing justice to that. At this point, i will be getting started on this. Please note that GreenSpeer Nigeria Login is not just a phonzi scheme but a financial money making business. Maybe just maybe, i will be dropping some testimonies from users all around the country.

What is GreenSpeer ( Login Page)

What the GreenSpeer Nigeria Login is all about.  The GreenSpeer Nigeria Login as it where is a person to person business module which have to do with providing help and also getting help. This means that, you are only eligible to get help after you must have provided help. This financial platform was created to help people break out from  financial bondage. Infact at this stage of our lives, if you still does not have a job and you have not gotten yourself hooked up to the GreenSpeer Nigeri then you need to advise yourself.

The GreenSpeer Nigeria business module is actually based on  “Give and receive principle. According to latest report, the GreenSpeer business module have been rated as one of the best donation system in Nigeria. Many of you will agree with me that there are lots of various business schemes in Nigeria today but GreenSpeer Nigeria has stood the test of time and have earned himself one of the best in the country. We are not here to talk about other schemes but surely GreenSpeer Nigeria Login is one of the best.

For me, the GreenSpeer is a real opportunity for many who are currently without jobs for making money effortlessly online in Nigeria. If you are reading this and you would not want to repeat the kind of life you live last year, then make use of this opportunity and be part of this movement. The GreenSpeer Nigeria has been designed as a financial social network that works on the matching and pairing principle. This means that  all registered members are matched or paired with with one and the other so that they can donate for each other.

Like i have earlier said, you are only eligible to get help when you provide help. Which means it has to with give and take business module. One sweet thing about this scheme is that you don’t provide referrals . The GreenSpeer Nigeria Login all started Nigeria on the 19th of December 2016 and thousands and millions of Nigerians are already gaining from from the scheme.

This is a tip on how it works. Registered members are to  donate their money to someone and in return such a one is paid back by the automatic matching which is provided by the system. This means that several persons will be paired to pay you and they will pay into your bank account .

For those who have been part of ultimate cycler or icharity Nigeria, they wouldn’t have issues doung the GreenSpeer Nigeria Login because it almost have the same registration process. Note that only those who are registered members of the GreenSpeer Nigeria will be eligible  to become a beneficiary of this scheme. If you are interested in joining this scheme, please ensure you don’t pay any money for registration because registration is totally free of charge.

Like i said before, the registration portal is ( the GreenSpeer official portal). To start earning as a GreenSpeer Nigeria member you are to login to your account and make a donation of  N5,000 to another member before the systems will pair other participants to pay you back. Now note this important factor,” the donations are from MEMBER TO MEMBER”S ACCOUNT and you don’t pay to a central accounts which means that there is no central account.

Remember that you are not to bring anyone to the scheme by way of referring. So forget the issue of trying to convine people to join .

The fact the fact that you don’t have to refer makes this GreenSpeer Nigeria login a unique one. And that is the simple reason it has gained momentum in the country since its introduction. Another factor here is that On Greenspeer, as long as you are a registered member, you are treated equally but note that you are only differentiated by your level. That is to say, the higher your level, the more profit your earn. Immediately your registration have been confirmed, the system pairs you to someone to whom you will donate the sum of N5,000. After your payment have been confirmed by the  GreenSpeer Nigeria the system will pair you with 2 people to pay you 5k each making 10k for you (at level one) . In the level 2 you will be directed to pay 5k to your up line, after your payment have been confirmed, the system will automatically pair you with people who will pay you .

How GreenSpeer Works

Upgrade to Level 1
Two members will be matched with you who will pay you 5k respectively making it 10k.
Donate N5,000 to an upline

Upgrade to Level 2
Donate N5,000 and the system will pair you wit four people who will pay you 5k each making it 20k

Upgrade to Level 3
Donate N 10,000 to an upline the system will pair you with 8 member to pay you N10,000 making it N80,000

Upgrade to Level 4
Donate N 30,000 to an upline the system will match you with ten menbers to pay you N30,000 each making it N300,000

Upgrade to Level 5
Donate N 100,000 to an upline the system will match you with 10 member to pay you N 100,000 making it N1,000,000

I will see no reason why after this publication, some persons will still not want to get involved in this GreenSpeer Nigeria login to get themselves financially free. The reason for this is that the The current economic woes the country is currently facing is telling on the youths and this is a very genuine and good means to be financially free. I have said it before and will keep saying it, you can’t be chasing corrupt officials and the people are suffering with hunger and starvation. Please my people ignore what won’t give you money and chase after what will put food on the table.

How To Join GreenSpeer ( Online Registration

Visit official website on
Click New Registration
A form will open in the online page of the website
Fill in your data like your full name, phone no, email, bank details, password etc
Click submit
Now login to the website on with your email and password
You will automatically be matched to someone donate your N5000 .You are given 48hours or else you will be blocked .
When you are done with payment, you are to  Scan the evidence of payment and upload it. Then Wait for confirmation from the person you must have paid to. Call the recipient if need be to inform him or her of your payment.

Enjoy your GreenSpeer Nigeria.

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