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When i decided to finally publish this article, i new i was in for something spectacular. Meaning that, i was going make an article on something so new to many. That means i was going to make sure i teach, educate my audience especially those who do not know what exactly is all about.
So the first question will be ” what is all about and why on earth should i sign up for it.

I would just have gone straight into the process of registration. But i do believe that it is of necessity that i let my amiable audience know exactly what they are registering into.
Now is one of the best known webmail services that is reliable and trust worthy. It gives millions of users all over the globe a free e-mail services which is an email account by just registering with them for a mail account.

And this registration is absolutely free of charge and easy to do. All you need to do to get yourself registered i have highlighted here.

Now some users will tell you that the is not free. I will tell you the truth. It is free but for those who will opt for the Gmx Pro, you pay for that. Well for the Gmx Pro, it is an issue for another day.
Gmx also connects to other services also. This i will be showing you much later.

For those who wants to enjoy other services been provided for by GMX and do have an existing account, you don’t need to open another separate account. All you need to do is to login with your login details and wow, you are there.
If you will be polite enough to ask users about the best thing they enjoy most with having a mail with, the will tell you is because wherever they are and at whatever time, they can check and receive mails without stress. And you can receive this mail either through your mobile phone, or your desktop.
Please be notified that this service is not just mainly for Germans alone as many people have posted. Now the network is very okay that is why no matter where you could be, you can still receive and send mails. came into existence in the year 1997 and ever since then, the services have been outstanding. For those with iphones, Android phones etc, you can easily download the Gmx App. Remember that this service is absolutely free.
Below, i will be giving us what we do stand to gain as a registerfed member of

1. It will give you enough space and flexible access. This is the one i enjoy most.

2. You have the luxry of 1GB mailbox stored automatically in it.

3. You will also enjoy free memory expansion to an additional 0.5GB with activation of GMX Mail Checks.

4. Files by E- Mail with attachmens of up to 20MB.

5. Gmx login will give you a multilevel spam filter that detects dangerous spammails in time. woah…. That’s woah.

you can Customize your themes. All you need to do is to select from color, HD, Custom, Classic themes etc.

How to register or set up a Gmx Account.

For it to be possible to create a GMX adress, you will be requested to create a Gmx account first. So you will be redirected to the Gmx sign up page. Registering your Gmx Account is simple and easy but yu must have provided the following information which include your name, birthdates, gender, location etc. Not forgetting that you are also to choose a name for your new Gmx adress. After you must have created an account, you can then be able to add contacts and adjust your Gmx mail settings.

1. First of all, you should visit

2. Then you have to click “Register for free”

3. Then you have to fill in the required information.

4. Then click on the submit button.

After this, you have successfully created a GMX account.