Flickr Account Registration | New Flickr sign up –

Flickr Account Registration | New Flickr sign up –

So many people would be wondering what exactly is all about. Well, its a kind of a social media messenger. Only that it does not operate the way other social media do operate.
Unlike the other social media outlet you may no., is a social media where those who wish to show off their various best pictures and videos to the outside world can easily do that. The reason for this could be that they just want to show off or become a web celebrity. But would just want to privately show the pictures or videos of their loved ones and that of their happy family.
Now you have read a little of what fickr is all about.

That is to say that you have learnt that is a photo sharing website that only would allow registered members to upload videos and photos and also only registered members can view and browse other people photo profiles. So if you are not a registered member, you wont be able to add comments and other connotations to other people’s photos online. is an amazing social media outlet you don’t to miss out. You can upload photos of various events, your friends, you and your loved ones etc.

The reason for this article or post as you will choose to call it, is to show the process of registering this amazing social photo platform. As far is concerned, registered members can create a whole sets of photo collections in other to manage content, join and participate with flickr users online for a topical issues to cultivate a sense of community. is a photo sharing website and it carries with it what is known as Web 2.0 technology.

One unique thing this website provides that makes it a whole thing to experience is the fact that it provides the tools and the value derives from the contributions of the user community—photos, comments, ratings, and organization—and the connections that the site facilitates between many registered individuals. is a respecter of people’s privacy and thereby provides  a detailed and comprehensive range of privacy settings. This range of privacy settings, gives registered users the considerable control over how their photos can be used anytime anywhere.

Now i will be teaching you the steps involved in registering a flickr account. Its a very simple steps.

Though the flickr account is totally free and that is why it has a limit on its bandwidth. And again, you are also restricted to the number of groups in which each photo you upload can be included and paid accounts.
Users on are eligible to upload photos to the site, and can also assign tags and also indicate whether any of the photos are to be viewed as either public or private You can as well decide to select other privacy settings, including copyright, which can either be traditional or the usual“all rights reserved”.

In registering a flickr account, if you already have yahoo account then you are expected to use the yahoo account ID to sign up for free Flickr account.
But should in case you don’t have a yahoo account or you have but wish not to use it as the account ID, the follow the under listed simple procedures for the free account.

1. You are to Visit Flickr Sign up website for the Flickr Account Registration portal at

2. Now that you are here, you are to click  “Sign Up”

3. A set of registration form will be shown to you. All you need do, is to correctly fill these for with your correct details.

4. Now you can click the Submit form button of the form.

If the above instructions were followed, then your Flickr account has been sucessfully created. All you need do now is to start working on it by making sure you are creating sets of photos and videos, etc.

How to Sign in Flickr Account – Flickr Login

This is very simple. just open the above link i have showed you before, ie the home page of, you are expected to click on sign in. Then provide your user ID details.

That’s all that is needed to sign up a new account and sign in an old account.

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