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FIRS Recruitment 2016 – Report suggests that The Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS) is set to recruit up to 1,250 personnel who are suitably  interested and qualified applicants across the nation for the FIRS Recruitment 2016.  The sole aim of this upcoming recruitment is a plan and in a bid to strengthen the expansionist FIRS, which is the Federal Inland Revenue Services. And they have come out to say that very soon, they will begin the recruitment of about 1,250 staffs. So if your interested, please read through this and apply when the time comes. firs

 Mr Babatunde Fowler the The executive Chairman of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), told the the Nigerian Senate Committee on Finance at the National Assembly, that the purpose for this is to increase its staff strength and efficiency among the FIRS Agency. He went further to disclose to the senate committee that  the FIRS Recruitment 2016 will provide employment opportunity for about 1,250 persons in Nigeria so long they are qualified and suitable for the job.

Mr Babatunde Fowler the Chairman of the FIRS, immediately requested that the budget was signed and approved by the President of the Federation, and that if the budget was approved, the recruitment procedures for the FIRS Recruitment 2016 will begin.

This was Mr Babatunde Fowler’s statement, “Basically we are discussing the 2016 budget. And within the budget, we have made a provision for recruitment of staff in terms of staff expansion; and in total we are expected to recruit about 1,250 job seekers for the FIRS Recruitment 2016 and the process will start once the budget has been duly signed and  approved…”

 Regarding to non payment of tax by Nigerians, The executive chairman of the FIRS said that only about ten  percent (10%) of Nigerians actually do pay their various tax on a regularly basis.

“We were in Kano and the Emir spoke to all Muslims, urging them  that  the payment of tax that is not against Islam. And that was a good one. But as we all no, there are we other people who speak different languages and have different ideas about the payment of tax. As a tax body, it is our duty to make sure that we can educate everyone on the subject of tax…”

“We have running jingles in all major Nigerian languages – which includes Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa and Pidgin English. so when we are able to sensitize the general public and make them understands what needs to be done, then we can start enforcement and start expecting people to pay tax; that is the media campaign…”

 Mr Babtunde Fowler also mentioned that it was about less than ten percent (10%) of Nigerians that are faithful when it matters the remittion Value Added Tax (VAT), and that if the senate will support Senate the signing of the 2016 Budget, it will enable the FIRS  meet its target of strengthening its staff with the FIRS Recruitment 2016 and collect taxes as appropriate.

 He went further to stress that “ The FIRS intend to ensure that we get at least a ninety percent (90%) compliance. To this end we have over the last few months we have added over 362, 000 new tax payers and it is our job to ensure that we enforce payment of taxes on both the new and old tax payers…”

 When the FIRS Recruitment 2016 process commences, you will be the first to be noted. Just drop your intentions at the comment box if you are interested and attach your email to the comment.

 FIRS Recruitment 2016

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