Etisalat Prize For Innovation 2016 Announced – Apply

Etisalat Prize For Innovation 2016 Announced

 This is the annual Etisalat Prize for innovation rewards product services or ideas which at the long run will be able to promote mobile broadband usage in Nigeria

 Etisalat Prize for Innovation 2016 –  The sole aim of this project is to actually boost the economy of the Nation. We all could testify that Broadband which is also a primarily mobile services across Nigeria is a very critical issue to the Nation’s economic development.

 A research that was conducted recently have showed that a rise of ten mobile phones per 100 people can boost the GDP growth of the Nation by 0.6%, which will at the very long run improve the result in an improved market information flow. And this altogether will assist SMEs to grow and develop business ideas and also improve their links.

The 2016 Etisalat Prize for innovationetis

This is the fifth year of the Etisalat Prize for innovation and their have been lots of testimonies that have emanated from previous awardees who have come out to testify how their lives was transformed by the Etisalat Prize for innovation.

The Prize from how its been done is awarded in two different categories. Which are

1. Most innovative product or service launched in the last 12 months

2. Service launched in the last 12 months and the most innovative idea.

To this end, it was vividly stated that the winner of The Most Innovative Product/Service category or the will as it has ever been, will be going home with the sum of  5 million naira while the winner of  The Most Innovative Idea category will win the sum of 2 million naira.

For those who are very much interested and would love to submit their various Entries are expected to show and also have a demonstrable impact (or potential impact for an idea) on broadband usage, also have an  impressive uptake from customers and have also made a visible and significant commercial or social impact on the community for the launched product/service.

Participants should also note that the Entries for this year’s Etisalat Prize for innovation 2016 should note that all entries will be opened from the time of this publication till the 9th of September 2016.

Interested applicants should submitted their various entries at the link stated below.  For the Winners, their names will be announced in November2016.


Etisalat Prize for innovation 2016

2016 Etisalat Prize for innovation