E-cooperative Nigeria Login, Turn N1000 To N40000 In a Week. E-cooperative Login

  E-cooperative Nigeria Login, Turn N1000 To N40000 In a Week. E-cooperative Login

My people i don come again o. This this year start, i never broke once o not even once. The reason na many many ponzi schemes weh i don put hand o. I go discuss the latest with una.

 Some few days ago, i made a publication on my charity loan and many persons who did not register with my registration link were all calling me seeking for ways to get referrals and get people to register with them and get their cash. I went as far as ensuring that i got referrals to them because that what we do. But this time, please and please if you are to call me, it should be strictly on either you registered via my registration link or you are calling me to find out about the programme. Do not call me to help you get people to register under you while you are not registered through my link. I wont help you.

 For those who are already involved in the E-cooperative ponzi scheme but you are not getting the desired results, its not too late you can still join my group and in less than a week your N1000 would have turned into N40,000. Trust me on this one. You can register via this link >>> https://www.ecooperative.online/ogdeligh Or Call my number on 07069784102

 E-Cooperative is a very lucrative means of making money online. Infact, among all the Ponzi schemes i have been doing, it offers the best platform to make money. The reasons are very obvious. You can start with as low as a thousand naira and forty persons will be paired to you to make make a thousand naira donation to you. Which means with a thousand naira you get forty thousand naira in returns.

 Please feel free to ask me questions on this publication. Like i have said, when you join via my registration link, we will ensure that you end up getting all your entitled cash in returns.

 How does E-Cooperative Online Work – E-cooperative Login

 E-Cooperative is a 4×4 matrix system, which requires you to bring 4 people to start with. But if you can’t get any, join through my link and we will help you on that.

 Please Do you know what is called “ Spill over”

 This is how it goes. When your sponsor’s 4 down line is complete, the system automatically takes others registering with that same person whose link is already filled up others who doesn’t have to make the team and the system grow shaperly.

 And this have become the sole reason why i said join through my link and you won’t have to provide a referral at all. So keep joining E-Cooperative Online using my link, you don’t need to evangelize.

You can still register people under you to make our team a very active one but if you don’t have who to register, you don’t need to worry as you will still be paid…

You can Click here to Register for E-Cooperative Online and Start Earning

Read Below and see how the payment goes. E-cooperative Login

Stage 1

There are four (4) levels under this stage…

Level 1

  • You will upgrade to level 1 by paying (N1,000) to an upline
  • 4 people will pay to you ==> Making

Level 2

  • You will upgrade to level 2 by paying N2,500 to an upline
  • 16 people will pay you ==> N40,000

Level 3

  • You will upgrade to level 3 by paying N5,000 to an upline
  • 64 people will pay you ===> N320,000

Level 4

  • You will upgrade to level 4 by paying
    N10,000 to an upline
  • 256 people will pay you ===> N2,560,000 this is wow….

Its not over there o…

Really its not over? There is stage 2 now nor rush … hahaha

Use this link to register and Join Cyberwaver’s Team on E-Cooperative Online


There are four Levels here but its a
continuation of Stage 1

Level 5

  • You will upgrade to level 5 by paying (N25,000) to an upline and
  • 4 people will pay you N100,000

Level 6

  • You will upgrade to level 6 by paying N50,000 to an upline and
  • 16 people will pay you N800,000

Level 7

  • You will upgrade to level 7 by paying N90000 to an upline and
  • 64 people will pay you N5,760,000

Level 8

  • You will upgrade to level 8 by paying N175,000 to an upline and
  • 256 people will pay you N44,800,000

Stage 1 Profit

  • Level 1 ==> N1,500 after upgrading to level 2
  • Level 2 ==> N35,000 after upgrading to level 3
  • Level 3 ==> N310,000 after upgrading to level 4
  • Level 4 ==> N2,560,000 For stage 1, your total earning is N1,500 + N35,000 + N310,000 + N2,560,000 ===> N2,906,500

It simply means , ==> Two Million, Nine Hundred and Six Thousand, Five Hundred Naira

 With as low as a N1000 you will become very rich with E-Cooperative Online

Stage 2 Profit

Here you will start with N25000

  • Level 5 ==> N50,000 after upgrading to level 6
  • Level 6 ==> N710,000 after upgrading to level 7
  • Level 7 ==> N5,585,000 after upgrading to level 8
  • Level 8 ==> N44,800,000

Sum of your profit in Stage 2 is N50,000 + N710,000 + N5,585,000 + N44,800,000 ==> N51,145,000

Fifty one million, one hundred and forty five thousand naira


This is mind blowing…

E-Cooperative Online is really awesome…

Wait!!! – Apply your brakes don’t rush

You have to register using the referral link on this website to join Cyberwaver’s E-Cooperative Online Team to make things easier for you and for me to make money for this Christmas

Use this link to register and Join
Cyberwaver’s Team on E-Cooperative Online

 Please NOTE:-

 I would advice that you do mobile or internet transfer in other to speed things up and make our team grow.

 Also note that as a participant, you are to upgrade to level 2 in less than 7 days or you stand a risk for loosing your account and this is to ensure the credibility of the system. But like i have always said, we are here to help you out.

E-Cooperative Online Registration

How to Upgrade on E-Cooperative Online

After login, tap menu

 You are to click the Click upgrade button.

Then the person you are paying to, his or her details will be shown to you…

 You are to Call or text him of the payment to be made

 When you are done making payment, you have to submit payment by copying the transaction code if you have and paste it in the transaction box below the payment instruction

 Then Click Submit

At this stage, the person who must have paid to will have to conform you.

How to Add or Update Payment Details on E-Cooperative Online

Note :- You have to add your payment details or else you won’t be matched to receive payment
Login to your account on E-Cooperative Online,

 You are to Click the menu and click profile

Scroll down

You will see the bank details box, edit and update it.

You can see those that have been matched to pay you on the matrix page…

Click the matrix link on the menu and you will be brought there…

https://www.ecooperative.online/register/chapatti2017 Or Call my number on 07069784102

 E-cooperative Login

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