How to Your Check National Identity Card status Online

 Check National Identity Card status – This publication is as current as the the current price of rice in Nigeria. Now for those who must have not been able to get or check for their National Identity card, which well know its processing and Collection methodology is quite  stressful and can take a very long time to, have been requested by to go through this publication so that they can Check National Identity Card status and to also check If their National Identity Card Is Ready for collection.

  For those who must have If you have registered for the Nigerian national ID card at any of the designated registration centers must have been told that they can collect the plastic ID in less than 6 months. Some times, when you visit them, they keep telling you stories upon stories. So we have devised a means to help you stop visiting the  the NIMC registration venues on a regular base but still verify if your National Identity Card is ready for collection. This article will also help you verify your National ID status which will help you have an idea of the time you are expected to come pick up your national Id card.

Check National Identity Card status

 Recently, i was called upon to by a friend who felt i should no more regarding this. Yes i do have a good knowledge on the aforementioned topic and that is why i have decided to share it to as many that are of need of it. The frst thing to take note of is the fact that there is an online portal where everyone can check for their Check National Identity Card status to know if their national identity card is ready for collection

 The reason for Checking status of your National Identity Card online, is simply because it will help you know the stage at which your card is currently and if your National Identity Card is ready for collection.

 Procedures to check the status of your National Identity Card.

 For those who must have registered and will be checking for their National Identity Card Online, they are to follow the steps listed below.

 1: You are to Visit

2: After logging in, a page opens, you are to navigate down to a tab which reads  ‘click to proceed’ so you can access the page to fill your enrollment form details. See screen shot below.

3: When the form finally opens, please carefully fill in your registration details the exact way you filled them when you went for the registration process. ie enter in your First name, last name and your National Identification Number and hit the ‘check now ’

with these information provided, you now have a clear knowledge of the exact time you will collect your national identity card,  you clarify things on collecting the National Identity Card.

Note, For those who have not registered for their National Identification Card, you can do that by signing up on the NIMC Official Website.

 If you have any question or issues regarding this, please alert me via the comment box.