Check GTBank Fixed Deposit and Interest Rates –

 GTBank Fixed Deposit and Interest Rates – This article was specially for those who do wish to know about GTBank fixed deposit. To this end. i will be sharing with you the interest rate for GTBank fixed deposit.

As we all know that some of the banks in the country do use this financial tool to offer customers with higher interest rate that we can say worth more than ordinary saving. If you already have a GTBank account, You are not expected to open a new bank account with GTbank to fix your money.

This information came from one of the GTBank customer care representative, who outlined the details concerning the interest rates to us

According to the information he gave to us, he made it clear that you can make lots of money monthly, only if you fix a reasonable amount of money, like NGN100,000 and above in GTBank fixed deposit.

According to the Care representative, If you fix from NGN100,000 to NGN1Million, below are the interest rate:

  • 7 days – 0.5%
  • 30 days – 6.75%
  • 60 days – 6.75%
  • 180 Days – 6.75 

This simply means that if you fix NGN500,000 (Five Hundred Thousand Naira) for 30 days, the interest rate will be 6.75% of NGN500,000, which is NGN38,750 (Thirty Eight Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty Naira).

Check this out when you fix one million naira, the interest rate for 30 days is 7.75%. See how it works

  • 7 days – 0.5%
  • 30 days – 7.75%
  • 60 days – 7.75%
  • 180 days – 7.75%

This means for those who will fix NGN1,000,000 for 30 days, certainly, you will must get NGN77,500 (Seventy Seven Thousand Five Hundred Naira).

Check GTBank Fixed Deposit and Interest Rates –

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