The Etisalat Flash Fiction Award And Win £1,000

 There is a good awuf for all Etisalat users here in Nigeria. It is called the Enter Etisalat Flash Fiction Award to  Win £1,000 – This mega winning price promo have to do with a writing contest which was established by Etisalat Nigeria  for writers of unpublished short stories across the Africa. It is called Etisalat Flash Fiction Award.

 All interested Writers across the continent would want to apply, are expected to should apply and have their stories published by the,. The sole reason is that Etisalat do believ that everybody do have a book inside of them.etis

 The Prizes To Be Won At Etisalat Flash Fiction Award

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This piece of information is very much effective to those who already have a bank account with Gtbank. Well for these set of people, we are glad to announce to Gtbank holders the ongoing GTBANK WESTERN UNION DOUBLE FUNDS PROMO 2016.

According to the information we received, for those who will end up becoming eventual winners do stand the chance of doubling whatever amount of cash they must transferred via Western Union Account to your account. [Read more…]

Peak Milk MyWazobiaDance‬ Contest – How to Participate The #MyWazobiaDance‬

Well, when i first heard of this promo contest, i was a little bit surprise. Though not entirely surprise. Because i have witnessed some of Peak Milk Promos and Contest and i know how big they usually are. peak

Many persons would have heard of this promo before now but may find it very difficult register for it. And this is the main reason i have opted to make this publication to thousands who make decide to participate in the MyWazobiaDance‬ Contest. We have seen various peak milk promos and how big cash prizes were won and Now its Peak Milk MyWazobiaDance‬ Contest for all talented dancers across Nigeria.

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How To Participate MTN Mega Hunt Promo 2016 – Mtn Mega Hunt Lottery

Mtn Mega Hunt Lottery

How to Participate MTN Mega Hunt Promo 2016 | Mega Hunt Lottery

There have been this ongoing issues making head ways about the MTN Mega Hunt Promo 2016, and that is the reason i have decided to make this publication.

But it will be of a good thing if we discuss what the MTN Mega Hunt Promo 2016 is all about. This promo is a trivia-based contest which allows all MTN subscribers to participate in the promo for a chance to win some exciting prizes, which includes an SUV, electronics, and some fantastic cash prizes that will be given out on a daily and on a weekly bases at the end of each month.

mega hunt

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Etisalat Prize For Innovation 2016 Announced – Apply

Etisalat Prize For Innovation 2016 Announced

 This is the annual Etisalat Prize for innovation rewards product services or ideas which at the long run will be able to promote mobile broadband usage in Nigeria

 Etisalat Prize for Innovation 2016 –  The sole aim of this project is to actually boost the economy of the Nation. We all could testify that Broadband which is also a primarily mobile services across Nigeria is a very critical issue to the Nation’s economic development.

 A research that was conducted recently have showed that a rise of ten mobile phones per 100 people can boost the GDP growth of the Nation by 0.6%, which will at the very long run improve the result in an improved market information flow. And this altogether will assist SMEs to grow and develop business ideas and also improve their links. [Read more…]

The Dettol #ihaveeventone Challenge ! Wash And Upload To Win A Brand New Car

Dettol #ihaveeventone Challenge

 As you would have noticed, this publication was made at a very late hour of theb day. Well a good colleague of mine called me to ascertain the real truth behind the Dettol #ihaveeventone Challenge which is here again. Well as a researcher, i did make some calls and i was told that the news is true about the Dettol #ihaveeventone Challenge. This time it has come with an exclusive give away to reward for winners.

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How To Enter Closeup Make Your Move Valentine Competition

Closeup Make Your Move – If you Can tell CloseUp in just 6 words your bold move to get close to your lover this valentine, you stand the chance of winning fabulous prize without purchasing any form to enter or win. So if you want to Make Your First Move this Valentine’s With CloseUp, i am going to each you how.Closeup-Big-Win-Promo-2015

How To Make Your First Move this Valentine’s With CloseUp

All you need do is to Simply follow the procedures i have laid below to participate in the competition of CloseUp Make Your Valentine Move.
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Win In The Airtel Red Hot promo – Win Millions From Airtel Promo Now

As i am very much aware that many did not participate in the last edition of the Airtel Red Hot promo. But i am very sure that will be no longer a problem again because today i have decided to bring to us the procedures by which you can be a part of this years edition of the Airtel Red Hot promo which surely have already been planned again by airtel Nigeria aimed at making sixty (60) Nigerians millionaire within 60 days of the promo and offer more than 240 a trip to Dubai that will be paid for by Airtel Nigeria at the end of this year’s new launched Red Hot
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