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Stop killing The Biafran People. The BIAFRA – Nigeria Saga.

The BIAFRA – Nigeria Saga – When a government decides to kill her own citizens in the name of keeping the Unity and Integrity of the Nation as one then it becomes a government I have called Killocracy.

When a man is forced to stay in a land where he feels unsafe, unsecured, impoverished, maltreated etc, then it has turned into slavery. No man or group or a people be held against their wish especially when it does not affect the very survival and existence of others.biafra
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How to Retrieve lost BVN –

How to Retrieve lost BVN – Many people have been written so much on the how people can retrieve their lost BVN. Yet i still understand that many people seems not to be getting it right. So i have decided to put up this article and teach many people out there how they can retrieve their BVN should they lost it. Please do not forget that BVN stands for Bank Verification Number. That means this article are for those who had theirs before and due to one reason or the other have lost it.
Contrary to what others must have told you, retrieving your Lost BVN Number is surely not a hectic one and does not have to be  a stressful for you at all. The thing you have to do is to follow this steps shown below and you will assess you Bank verification Number which has been made mandatory by the Central Bank of Nigeria for any account holder to have.

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Full List Of Nigeria Ministers Inaugurated and Their Portfolios.

Finally the most anticipated time which the subject of the moment, Nigerians were looking forward to having knowledge on who the federal ministers are. Below, i will be documentingbthe names and the various portfolios of the country.

Abubakar Malami– Minister of Justice

Geoffrey Onyeama- Minister of Foreign Affairs

 Mohammed Dan Ali- Minister f Defence

 Adamu Adamu- Minister of Education

 Anthony Anwuka- State minister of Education
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With Biafra It is Finished – General Yakubu Gowon

In response to the recent pro Bianfra Protest by some youths in the in the Eastern, Former Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon, has dismissed the threat to Nigeria’s unity as he also said that with Biafra it is finished and General Yakubu Gowon made this statement recently in reaction to the resent protests by some youths.

General Yakubu Gowon told newsmen that Nigerians have put behind them the bad memories of the 1967 civil war, and that those behind these protests on Biafra don’t have an inkling what the Biafra war cost Nigerians. Read more…

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Pro Biafra Protest In Portharcourt Rivers State

Sometimes, it is not wise to challenge the very verdict of some experts in a particular field of study. Some time ago, it was predicted by some political experts that Goodluck Jonathan might be the last President to rule a united Nigeria. And others said in 2015, Nigeria will divide. Well, as it is, non of these verdicts and predictions have had their ways. But, don’t you think we are beginning to see some of the manifestations of these expert judgments? some will say God will not permit the division of Nigeria. Yes as it may stand. But are we sure God does not want the reverse? What if God is in support of this? We all knew how many lives were lost during the Nigeria-Biafra Civil war. Over 2 million persons where killed. Read more…

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The Nigerian Woman Running For President In Spain (PHOTOS)

There is this ongoing issues on a Nigerian who wants to be the president of Spain. Well, its no rumour at all. This is real. The person being talked about is Nigerian born Spanish lawyer, criminologist, forensic expert and writer, Helen Mukoro Idisi. She apparently won the majority to represent and be the flag bearer of an opposition party for the forthcoming presidential election in Spain.

As it is, Mrs Helen Mukoro Idisi is the first woman and an immigrant into Spain to emerge presidential flag bearer of a political party. She has finaly made history. Well, much might not be known about her, but she will be running on the platform of Union De Todos. According to our source, this party was founded by her earlier this year.

The Delta State born criminologist worked briefly in the Governor’s Office before she traveled to Spain in 1992. This is not her first time in politics. She gained stardom in Spanish politics, after she founded the political party Union De Todos and later became the first ever Nigerian-Spanish to contest for the Mayor of Deniaearly this year.
Whereas she lost the election though, her popularity in Spain sky rocketed higher and on the long run several people endorsed Helen Mukoro Idisi for the highest office in the land.

Well she is from a well to do family the daughter of Mr. Anthony Mukoro (the late Director General of the Defunct Bendel state Government Treasury’s Cash Office. The name of her mummy is Mrs. Mary Mukoro.

Helen Mukoro Idisi studied Law at the Spanish National University, and holds a Master degree in Criminology. Masters degree in Social Education, a Post Graduate Certificate in Tax and Labor Management, a Post Graduate Certificate in Forensic Psychology, and a Post Graduate Certificate in Immigration and Domestic Violence. Worked as a legal Consultant (immigration department) at the Red Cross Society, Spain. Owner of a legal firm. President at the African Europe Chamber of Commerce. And founder of the party, ‘UNION DE TODOS’, Spain.

On her return, Helen Mukoro Idisi then worked at the state Ministry of Agriculture, Benin City, Nigeria. Deployed to Governor’s Office (Women Affairs Department) as Agricultural Officer, to help the rural women in Agriculture, and Asaba when Delta State was created.

This is what she said when asked why she went into politics: “I went into politics because; we have to become more involved in decisions that affect us as citizens. And we have an obligation to ensure the legacy we leave to future generations: Politicians, we all are. I saw the need to go into politics as a means to making my explanation of political leadership that suits the interest of the people and I’m ready to listen and care for the needs of constituents.”

The Nigerian Woman Running For President In Spain

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Ministerial screening: Senators will be thorough – Kwankwaso

Just moments after President Buhari, the former Governor of Kano State, Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso gave details of how the screening process of the ministerial nominees will be held on Tuesday, October 13 by the Senate House.

On the 30th of September, President Muhammadu Buhari sent the first batch of the ministerial nominees to the Senate. On Monday, the country leader sent the second batch of the Ministerial list of nominees to the upper houe of the Nigerian Legislature.
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Former Governor Of Bayelsa Diepreye Alamieyeseigha Is Dead

The first Civilian Governor of Bayelsa state Chief Alamieyeseigha, on friday lost his life to Cardia Arrest. He reportedly did at the University of Portharcourt Teaching Hospital Portharcourt River state. His death came Amidst the United Kingdom requesting for his extradition. He died after sleeping into Coma and was placed on life support.
The news of his state was revealed to newsmen and the entire public by the Bayelsa State Commissioner for Information, Esueme Dan-Kikili, who confirmed the death to Channels Television. Mr Esume told the public that the death of the former governor was a great loss to the Ijaw ethnic people.                                            Read more…

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Chibok girls alive; Many impregnated, carrying VVF, other diseases – Escapee Chibok girl reveals

Chibok girls alive; Many impregnated, carrying VVF, other diseases – Escapee Chibok girl reveals
From a reliable source confirming that some of the 200 girls of the Government Secondary School, Chibok that where abducted in April 2014 by the Terrorist group Boko Haram, are still very much alive and are still held up in the Lake Chad region of the North-East
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Salary And Allowances Of NASS Members –

There have been a lot of controversy surrounding the exact amount of salary the Nigerian National Assembly do get at the end a month or the end of a year. But according to the report our team of analysis got from Vanguard, we have been able to put that to rest.
According to a detailed research analysis, that was carried out by the National Institute of Legislative Studies, NILS, apparently worried by growing public outcry against the Nigerian lawmakers, on Friday, has released a document that shows how much the federation law makers do receive monthly or quarterly. This earnings shows the exact amount the 109 Senators and 360 members of the Nigerian House of Representatives.
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