Photos Of A Cat Who Turned Woman In Broad Daylight In Lagos

Photos Of A  Cat Who Turned Woman In Broad Daylight In Lagos

woman turn cat 2

Quite bizarre, a cat has reportedly transformed to an old woman a few minutes ago a facebook user shared on social media.
According to Chinaza Udo who shared the bizarre incident on facebook, the cat turned to an aged woman when it was stoned at in Coker Orile area of Lagos State.

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Watch Video Of A Man Who Cuts Off His Pen!s And Threw It To His Dog To Eat To Make It To Heaven

Shocking!! Man Cuts Off His Pe nis And Threw It To His Dog To Eat To Make It To Heaven (Graphic Photos)

A man in Naivasha, Kenya, left neighbours in shock when he chopped off his private parts and threw them to a dog “because the Bible ordered him to discard any body part that would deter him from entering heaven”.

It was reported on Thursday that the man said the private parts were of no value to him.

He started with a razor blade but finished cutting it off with a knife.

Screams from his one-room house attracted members of the public who called police for help.

After about 30 minutes of writhing in pain and heavy bleeding, the man was taken to Naivasha subcounty hospital.

Joseph Chege, a resident, told journalists they found the man half naked and bleeding heavily.

“The man claimed the Bible ordered him to discard any body part that would deter him from entering heaven,” Chege said. [Read more…]

How to Your Check National Identity Card status Online

 Check National Identity Card status – This publication is as current as the the current price of rice in Nigeria. Now for those who must have not been able to get or check for their National Identity card, which well know its processing and Collection methodology is quite  stressful and can take a very long time to, have been requested by to go through this publication so that they can Check National Identity Card status and to also check If their National Identity Card Is Ready for collection.

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Lagos My Dream City. A Home To Big Dreamers

Lagos Of My Dream

As a child, I never had thoughts of a better place like Lagos. It was my dream land. A place where I had believed and still believe that anything financially was and is possible. It was a place that harbor vertically all my elder siblings. As a growing child, I had idolized Lagos in my heart. I had concluded that it was Lagos or no were else. I never had the site of the city but I was told by my mum that I have been there for some one and half year. Though I was a kid and had no memory of that at all.lagos-image

Who Wouldn’t love the city of Lagos after the constant stories we keep hearing about it. Each time my elder Sister comes homes for her August visit, she comes with her bag packed full of okrika ( second hand clothes) Though it was sold wherever I was, but there was something special about that which my elder sister brings from Lagos. I couldn’t tell and still can’t tell what was special but it was and indeed very very special. [Read more…]

President Buhari To Present 2017 budget On December 1 – Presidency

The president of Nigeria President Buhari will be presenting the 2017 budget on December 1

 After the news of the missing 2016 budget that was first discussed by the senate and house of representatives on the 12 of January 2016 it was made known to the public on the 18 of January 2016 few days after the unexpected occurrence. It was also said that the presidency was been accused by the senators for the missing of the 2016 budget on the 13 of January [Read more…]

Prices Of Cements In Nigeria 2016 – Cement Brands And Sizes (kg)

Prices Of Cements In Nigeria 2016 – We are in a time where commodities are constantly on the rise. but to an extent, some these commodities if not checked mated could be harmful to the nation. As we all know Cement is One of the most important and valuable materials in Nigeria today. And for those who constantly are into the business, analysis have showed that the Cement Industry and Cement distributing business has become a very lucrative/profitable business.

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40 Nigerians deported from UK And Australia –

 Hmmm, is this happening or is it a kind of a dream? This is the second time in a month, whereby the United Kingdom and Australia jointly deported about 40 Nigerians for various immigration offenses. We don’t and cant actually say the real issue or offenses. According to our sources onground, the said deportees, which included both males and females, did arrived the Hajj camp area of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport on chartered aircraft. 40 Nigerians deported from UK And Australia

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Modu Sheriff, Makarfi Sent Out Of PDP BoT Meeting

Modu Sheriff, Makarfi Sent Out Of PDP BoT Meeting – Due to the unending crises rocking the Peoples Democratic Party The former Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP),  We received a report that the ex chairman of the party Ali Modu Sheriff and the current chairman of the Caretaker committee of the Party, Senator Ahmed Makarfi were bothe excused out of a meeting of the Board of Trustees of the party which is currently going on in the FCT Abuja.
 Alhaji Modu Senator Sheriff actually walked into the Transcorp Hilton venue of the meeting at about 11:10 am and later on at exactly five minutes, Senator Makarfi followed in. When they came in, they both went straight to the high table and sat alongside the chairman of the Board, Senator Jibril Wali and the secretary, Chief Ojo Maduekwe.

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Apply For United Arab Emirates Visa Types and Cost of Application

United Arab Emirates Visa Types and Cost of Application – Many people have been asking me to update them on the United Arab Emirates Visa. The Types and Cost of Application for United Arab Emirates.  We are doing this to help our audience out there who have been having issues with applying for the United Arab Emirates Visa Types and Cost of Application.

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For those who do want to Dubai on either a visit and you have the desire  to work, you are expected to get a probationary work permit, which will be valid for up to 3 months, from the Ministry of Labour.  Please note that without the permit and are caught working while on a visit visa, then you risk being jailed or fined and deported. [Read more…]

How Troops Rescued Missing Chibok School Girl

How Troops Rescued Missing Chibok School Girl – This is news has come as a releif sign to many Nigerians who rae still hoping that one day, the Missing chibok girls will come back. Some hours ago, One of the 219 Chibok school girls that was kidnapped from her school dormitory in Chibok, Borno State, in April 2014, has been rescued from Sambisa Forest. Well, many persons have been argued that it was not the Nigerian Army that did the rescue.Amina Ali [Read more…]

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