Lagos My Dream City. A Home To Big Dreamers

Lagos Of My Dream

As a child, I never had thoughts of a better place like Lagos. It was my dream land. A place where I had believed and still believe that anything financially was and is possible. It was a place that harbor vertically all my elder siblings. As a growing child, I had idolized Lagos in my heart. I had concluded that it was Lagos or no were else. I never had the site of the city but I was told by my mum that I have been there for some one and half year. Though I was a kid and had no memory of that at all.lagos-image

Who Wouldn’t love the city of Lagos after the constant stories we keep hearing about it. Each time my elder Sister comes homes for her August visit, she comes with her bag packed full of okrika ( second hand clothes) Though it was sold wherever I was, but there was something special about that which my elder sister brings from Lagos. I couldn’t tell and still can’t tell what was special but it was and indeed very very special. [Read more…]

Canada Visa Lottery Online Application Form for Students, Working Class, Business

Some days ago, i made a publication about the United Arab Emirates Visa Types and Cost of Application, and many persons called and said it was really helpful. But today i have decided to bring to our notice the that there is an ongoing One year Canada Visa Lottery Online Application Form that have been released meant for the following category of persons. General Immigration, Business Immigration, Family Sponsorship and Parental Sponsorship type of application. Interested applicants should note that they will be required to provide the following details for the online Canada Visa Lottery application

 The Various Categories of Canada Visa Lottery Online Application Form 

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How to Get USA Visa in Nigeria – Apply For American Visa in Nigeria

How to Get USA Visa in Nigeria, how to Apply For American Visa in Nigeria. For those who might have thought on traveling out of the country to America and you have been searching for the right place to get information on how to get Immigrant or non-immigrant Visa to United States of America knowing fully well how often people are been issued with fake Visas. So read down to see the U.S. Visa Information Service for Nigeria
How to Get USA Visa in Nigeria – Apply For American Visa in Nigeria
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Let me try and quote Mallam El-Rufai when he said that house  in Nigeria, constitutes a major investment as far as the Natural Nigerian man concerned.  So Today i decided that i will be  revealing to us those people who owns the most expensive houses across the Nation. Though this might shock many. But i believe that the names on the list should not actually surprise anyone. The reason i used that language is because they are either the richest in the country or possibly among the top ten richest people in the country.
So i will be showing us how some Nigerians have taken not just time but their hard earnings to erect something out of the blue moon for a home. [Read more…]

Most Expensive Hotel In Nigeria

Most Expensive Hotel In Nigeria –  The figures you will see here, might outrage you. I just needed to publish this article on the most expensive Hotes in Nigeria. As far a we are talking about some great and nice places to be in terms of hotels in Nigeria, we are not short pf them. So those people with cool money, our Nation Nigeria is a sure great country to be when it comes to good and expensive hotels.

From the figures we will be looking at shortly, you will discover that the kind of money people pay for a room in some of these hotels are capable of buying someone a plot of land in some areas in Nigeria.

 Below, i amd my team have done our research and have been able to put together the Ten most expensive Hotels In Nigeria. [Read more…]

Top Largest Airport In The World| World Busiest Airport

Today, i will be showing to us the Top Biggest Airport in the World. As it is now, air transportation is turning into the largest piece of transporting because as it is, there are various sorts of enormous airports all over the world.Top Largest Airport in the World People from different corners of the world are making a trip to rest parts of the world for various reasons. will be presenting to your view the list of top largest Airport in the world.

Top Largest Airport In the World| World Busiest Airport

1. King Fahd International Airport Saudi Arabia

This Ruler Fahd International Airport located at northwest of Dammam, Saudi Arabia is the world largest airport. It is operated by General Authority of Civil Aviation, and it has a zone of 78000 ha.
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Top Most Populated Cities In Nigeria 2015

This work was done by our great team. In fact it took some reasonable amount of time to get this done. Well for every statistics you will be seeing here, are based on the statistics given to our team by the various states in question.

If you will notice, you will discover that there are much increase in the population since the last census that took lace in 2006. There was no official document to get these information because there was no population that has been done.

Top Most Populated Cities In Nigeria 2015
Below are the list of the most populous cities in Nigeria.

population [Read more…]

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