Habits That Damage Your Intestines

 Habits That Damage Your Intestines – Inflammation, gases, abdominal pressure… The intestines perform an essential function in your body, and even more so, in a certain way, are also related to anxiety and stress. There are a lot of factors that affect their health, problems that sometimes can even cause what is known as irritable bowel syndrome.

What can you do? What habits that damage your intestines should you be aware of?

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1. High Stress Levels

 You should take it very seriously. Your current life rhythm, the rush, worries, anxiety, and stress directly affect the health of your stomach and intestines. There are theories that talk about them being like “the second brain”. In fact, this is where neurotransmitters are synthesized, which is why it is extremely important to give your life balance and tranquility. A high state of anxiety can cause irritable bowels according to the specialists. That’s why you should keep the following reasons in mind: [Read more…]

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