How To Join MTN Project Fame 2017 Audition And Registration Date

 MTN Project Fame Audition 2017 –  Project Fame Registration 2017

 For those who must having been trying to participate in the MTN Project Fame Audition & Registration and have not been successful in their quest should either blame themselves or the source they got the information from. The reason for this is that so many persons do not have the luxury to get the right information and if they do, it may come late and that late entry have been a major issue in the MTN Project Fame Audition and Registration. And that alone have prompted me to come up with this publication so that as many that are interested will quickly get the right information and apply as such.2017 MTN Project Fame registration

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How To Become A Nollywood Star – How To Be An Actor | Actress In Nigeria

How To Become A Nollywood Star – How To Be An Actor | Actress In Nigeria

Recently, i was in a seminar where persons were taught on How To Become a Nollywood / Nigerian Movie Star

  It was a mind blowing encounter. And i have decided to make it known to those who must have had the desire to become a Nollywood star. Believe me, if you will go through this vividly ell, you are sure on your way to that very top where you are meant to be.gene

You may not know me because I like been behind the camera and many people I have given an advice has ended up been a popular actor/actress. I know right now many of our home videos are nothing to write home about but I am giving you my word, Nigeria Nollywood will get there. How? i don’t know. And how you are be a part of the Nigeria Nollywood is what I will be sharing to you. I hope you will take some time out and read this article very well and you will end up been a star in the movie industry. [Read more…]

Calabar Carnival 2016 Date – Live Update And Photos

Calabar Carnival 2016 – During my Service back then in the City of Ugep in Yakurr Local Government Area, i was told about the the glamouring fun fare of the Calabar Carnival. Though i have heard so much of it but this time it will be my first time participating in it live and direct. Talking about the Calabar Caenival 2015. My friends the ytruth is this, Calabar Carnival actually has the best of activity as far as carnival is concerned. I have never seen anything like it before. It was so glamorous that i never wanted it to come to an end. It was the icing of a successful service year for. carnival-3

 This was one of the reasons why i was not surprised when the the River State Government through his  Commissioner for New Cities Development, Mr George Ekpungu said they where expecting more than 50,000 guests from across the globe for the Calabar Carnival 2016.

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Big Brother Naija Audition 2017, Dates, Venues, Applications Forms – Apply

Big Brother Naija AuditionSome few days ago, i came across a publication regarding the the application procedures of Big Brother Naija 2017 Audition. Though i sincerely do not find anything wrong with the publication but i still feel that the publication did not feed most of the needed question waxing strong in the minds of potential applicants. This have prompted me to make this application.

 It will be wise and more reasonable to really understand what this reality show is all about which should include a strong detailed information concerning the venue in which the event will be holding, the procedures for applying etc. So my candid advice would be that all interested and potential applicants should meticulously read this article for their own [Read more…]

America’s Got Talent Season 12 Auditions, Registration Venue And Date

America Got Talent Season 12 Registration, Audition Venue And Date

 This is one of the most popular Talent Hunt in the world. Its called the America Got Talent. For those who may not have discovered their talent should see this as a rare opportunity.

 For those who must dreamed of becoming a very successful Artist, should endevour to make this America’s Got Talent Season 12 count for them. You should not degrade your ability because whatever talent you have can shoot you into the very big stage of your life.america-got-talent

America’s Got Talent Season 12 Auditions, Audition Venue And Date

 Like i have said before, this reality show is actually one of the biggest Television show the world have ever known. According to recent report, America’s Got Talent is most popular American TV show currently. [Read more…]

New List Of MTN Ambassadors 2016/2017 Emerged – Some removed

New List Of MTN Ambassadors 2016/2017 – Based on the report we got from Mr Richard Iweanoge who happens to be the MTN’s General Manager Consumer Marketing, there is a new list of MTN Ambassadors that have emerged. ambasaYou Can Also Read>>> Winner MTN Project Fame Season 9 – Okiemute Ighorodje

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Okiemute Ighorodje Winner MTN Project Fame Season 9

Winner MTN Project Fame Season 9 – Okiemute Ighorodje – We have come to the End of 2016 MTN Proget fame season 9 and the winner have been officially announced. According to the result that was announced, the Winner of MTN Project Fame Season 9 is Okiemute Ighorodje who took the enviable first prize and lots of other endorsement deals.


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Maltina Dance All 2016 Online Registration And Audition

Maltina Dance All 2016 Online Registration And Audition

This publication is about the  Maltina Dance All season 9 registration and audition procedures. Many people are still wondering if the show have actually started, but i am here to clear that doubts. The show have started and this is to say that all interested applicants who would want to apply, should register and make themselves available for their audition on the scheduled  date.

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Funke Akindele Net Worth – Most Popular Actress of Yoruba

 Funke Akindele Net Worth –This is Funke Akindele networth and a little piece of her upbringing. She is the star actress of the Yoruba Movies. Popular known as “Jenifer” Funke Akindele as we all know is one of Nigeria’s Most Popular Actress. As at 2014, Funke Akindele earns over 600k per movie as we were told by close associates. And we are all aware that she does up to 12 movies in a year. That’s some lots of money. This excludes her many endorsements to her name.


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Peak Milk MyWazobiaDance‬ Contest – How to Participate The #MyWazobiaDance‬

Well, when i first heard of this promo contest, i was a little bit surprise. Though not entirely surprise. Because i have witnessed some of Peak Milk Promos and Contest and i know how big they usually are. peak

Many persons would have heard of this promo before now but may find it very difficult register for it. And this is the main reason i have opted to make this publication to thousands who make decide to participate in the MyWazobiaDance‬ Contest. We have seen various peak milk promos and how big cash prizes were won and Now its Peak Milk MyWazobiaDance‬ Contest for all talented dancers across Nigeria.

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