DPR Aptitude Test Past Questions & Answers 2017

DPR Aptitude Test Past Questions & Answers 2017

Finally, for those who have been calling me that they wanted the DPR Aptitude Test Past Questions & Answers 2017 for Department of Petroleum Resources. Well, i av compiled the  Dpr, computer based aptitude test for 2017 recruitment exercise which will be commencing on Monday 24th July. As usual, invited applicants are looking for the Dpr past questions and answers as well as searching for the format of the examination.

We have decided to post samples of the past assessment test questions from previously conducted Department of Petroleum Resources recruitment exercise. [Read more…]

Should I type Cover Letter/Application Letter in email body or attach it with CV to the mail?

Should I type Cover Letter/Application Letter in email body or attach it with CV to the mail?

Here’s yet another mail from a job seeker:

Good day Jobzilla Nigeria,
Please I need clarification on this. If one is asked to apply online through email, is it appropriate to type cover letter or application letter in the text box of the email or to attach it with CV?

My Response:
There are two different approaches with submitting a resume and cover letter via email.

With the first approach, you can cut and paste your actual cover letter into the body of the email. This can be helpful to the interviewer since they will have to click and open fewer attachments.
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Difference Between CV And Résumé

Difference Between CV And Résumé

Here’s another question from the “Ask Jobzilla” series. A job seeker sent me a mail asking the difference between a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and Résumé. 

Good morning sir, please I want you to explain what resume means and the different between resume and cv. Thank you.

I believe a lot of you need clarification on this too. Here we go.

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See The 5 Warning Signs of B.reast Cancer That Many Nigerian Women Do Ignore

See The 5 Warning Signs of B.reast Cancer That Many Nigerian Women Do Ignore

This is a research report from the According American Cancer Society, it is estimated that about 246,660 new cases of invasive br.east cancer will be diagnosed in American women by the end of 2016, and about 40,450 women will die from b.reast cancer. We have come to realize that The harsh reality is that b.reast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer among women. About 1 in 8 women in the U.S. will develop invasive br.east cancer during their lifetime.cancer

The Br.east cancer awareness goes far beyond knowing the statistics. It’s about active prevention, and being able to recognize the signs and symptoms of br.east cancer, in hopes of catching it early on if it develops.

The following five warning signs of bre.ast cancer are ones that many women tend to shrug off, but recognizing them may be vital to saving your life. [Read more…]

NYSC Batch A 2017 Online Registration Commences

NYSC Batch A 2017 Online Registration – NYSC Batch A 2017 Online Registration Commences

Registration for National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, for the 2017 Batch A programme has commenced. The NYSC on its website asked prospecting corps members to obtain copies of their call-up letters on the NYSC portal with N4,000.rp_NYSC-234x3001.png
 The PCM should go to the portal home page and follow the following steps:
 STEP 1 Click on “already Have Account”-Click here to login.

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WAEC 2017/2018 Registration Form – www.waeconline.org.ng

2017/2018 WAEC Registration Form – www.waeconline.org.ng – Nigerian Info Box

2016/2017 WAEC Exam Registration Form May/June – www.waeconline.org.ng

Recently, i was asking my neighbor about the WAEC 2017/2018 Registration Form ./ And she told me that  the 2017/2018 Registration Form is already out. With that i have to do some private observation and discovered that the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has started their 2017/2018 Exam Registration for May/June . WAEC Registration Form is now available for purchase by candidates who are interested in taking WAEC this year.

Based on he publication from  WAEC, stated that West African Examinations Council (WAEC) Exam Registration for May/June 2017/2018 have  already started in all secondary schools in West Africa including Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and the Gambia). So for all participants, guadian and parents we want you to be very much aware and that’s the reason this publication was made.

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JAMB CBT Registration Form 2017/18

JAMB CBT Registration Form 2017/18 – For those who will be participating in the forth coming JAMB CBT Registration 2017/2018 are therefore notified that JAMB CBT Registration Form 2017/2018 has come out. To this end, all interested participants are to apply or purchase their  JAMB CBT Registration Form 2017/2018 as it is currently on sale now.

 For those who will be interested, i have decided to make this publication and explain how applicants can purchase the JAMB CBT Registration Form 2017/2018 so that applicants won’t find it hard to apply. So my candid advise to all persons who are interested, is that they should follow the little instructions lad down here and apply for admission into any Tertiary Institution in Nigeria through the Unified Matriculation Examination (UTME) for the 2017/2018 academic session. [Read more…]

How To Print JAMB Admission Letter 2016/2017 (UTME/DE)

How To Print JAMB Admission Letter 2016/2017 (UTME/DE) – For those who wrote the last edition of the Joint Admission and Matriculations Board, we want to inform you that the JAMB admission letter for the 2016/2017 academic session have been made available online. Which means that those who will need theirs for various degree of admission can print their JAMB UTME/DE Admission letter. On this publication, i have written down a step by step procedures on how you can do that.

For those who must have been offered admission, should know that the Printing of JAMB admission letter is the next thing to do because it is a pre requisite for admission screening procedures. For those who might not have confirmed their admission status can do that now by following the underlisted format. [Read more…]

www.nysc.org.ng – How To Print NYSC Batch B 2016 Call Up letter

  www.nysc.org.ng How to download and print NYSC Batch B 2016 Call up letter.

We have received a concrete information about NYSC Batch B 2016 call up letter. This information came based on the announcement that applicants can now print NYSC Batch B 2016 Call up letter. On this note too, the 2016 NYSC Batch B stream 2 orientation will be commencing by January 2017.
To this end, i have decided to come up with the procedures on how to print NYSC Batch B 2016 Call up letter reason being that the steps involved in the printing of this batch call up letter is different from that of the procedures involved in printing of call up letters of previous batches.rp_NYSC-Batch-B-2013-Passing-Out-Parade-196x3002.jpg
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How To Gain Direct Entry Into Nigerian Universities Without JAMB Results

How To Gain Direct Entry Into Nigerian Universities Without JAMB Results –  The story of how Jam have made it very difficult for people to gain admission into higher institutions in Nigeria is very worrisome and that is why we have decoded to put up this publication to aid those who are yousearching for various means through which they can gain admission into any Nigerian University of theirr choice without the use of  JAMB as it where.

 We will be talking exclusive on the Direct entry usage of gaining admission. For persons who do possess a previous qualification such as a diploma (OND), in a polytechnic (HND) or A’Levels, can use this method to gain admission into Nigerian Universities which will be based upon securing the admission. This is to say that the candidate will start from 200 level instead of the normal 100 level.

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