iCharity Nigeria Registration – How To Register

iCharity Nigeria Registration – iCharity Nigeria though new here but have come to stay. Yes i mean it because it has been functioning in other developed Nations and have recorded huge amount of success. iCharity Nigeria is a member to member donation campaign that allows members who must have donated to earn times five in less than 2 weeks. Your only criteria to iCharity Nigeria Registrationamaze this huge wealth is your donation to help. With as little as ₦6,000 investment, you are eligible to earn ₦30,000 that’s one of the benefit Icharity grants you.

 This member to member Icharity community of helping people, actually is a platform to making real wealth, Many persons who started the Icharity campaign long before now, have already started making huge amount of gains from the investment platform. The iCharity Nigeria is as i have earlier said, its an investment platform (which is a member to member donation). As a registered member of iCharity, you will be required to donate some certain amount to your upline and become a grade 1 member of the iCharity system. By doing this, you are entitled to same donation from 5 Members

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See Konga Black Friday 2016 Yakata Sales Date – Konga Yakata 2016 Black Friday Sales

 Konga Black Friday 2016 Yakata Sales – Many person may not really know the very reason why so many persons just cant wait for the Konga Yakata 2016 Black Friday Sales. Let me shock you with this. Same time last year, Konga received over 79,000 orders and more than 2700 orders were in the early hours. Now you can see the magnitude of customers who daily flock everywhere for the Konga Yakata 2016 Black Friday Sales. According to one of the spokesman i had a conversation with said that this years deals promises to be a great one for Konga promised her customers a wonderful deal with an anticipation of 2.5 billion Naira ($8 million) in sales.konga-3 [Read more…]

How To Start A rice Farming Business In Nigeria

 How To Start A rice Farming  Business In Nigeria – During my NYSC year, i came to understand the importance of having a Rice farm. At that time, we were still very much under President Goodluck Jonathan Regime. So there was not yet the ban on the importation of Foreign Rice into the country. Now the point is this, The people of Cross River state who were very much into the production of Rice then where making cool cash from it already before the importation of Rice was banned.

 What do you think will be the very profit margin of those who where into rice production then and now? The reason for this publication is to teach everyone who comes across this article the process involved in starting a rice farm in Nigeria because believe me, it has become one of the most profit making business anyone from this country can engage in.rice [Read more…]

How To Make Money Online in Nigeria 2016 – Naijavoice.com.ng

How To Make Money Online in Nigeria 2016 – Well, for many people the internet is a reservoir of wealth and a place place to actually make millions of money so long you know what you are doing on a daily. Do not mistake this for some sort of illegal business on the internet. So many people have made lots of millions from the internet. Infact so many persons refers to it as the white liquid reservoir. To this end, i will be teaching us on how to make money Online In Nigeria 2016. This means that wherever you are, you can make money so long you are passionate and committed to it.

 On this post, i will show you some easy ways on how you can make money online as a Nigerian from the comfort of your house which will finally make you a boss of your own.

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