According to the report we had recently, it was reported that the MasterCard system of withdrwing cash from the bank or doing other forms of online financial business is the most used card in the world ast at today. Well i am also refering to both local or international business transaction. Noe it might also interest you to take note that you can use MasterCard for both the local and international business transaction.

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GTBank Mobile Banking Codes starting with *737#

GTBank Mobile Banking Codes – We have all come to the reality that Banking has become more and more simpler as the day come by. Though we do experience some extra charges. I will be teaching you ona all GTBank Mobile Banking Codes that is now invoke for mobile banking.

After going through this article carefully, you will discover that you may not need going to the bank for some of your transactions. This is as a result of the introduction of *737# by GTBank plc. To this end, i will advise that you take your time to understand and know about all GTBank Mobile Banking Codes starting with *737# on this [Read more…]

Check GTBank Fixed Deposit and Interest Rates –

 GTBank Fixed Deposit and Interest Rates – This article was specially for those who do wish to know about GTBank fixed deposit. To this end. i will be sharing with you the interest rate for GTBank fixed deposit.

As we all know that some of the banks in the country do use this financial tool to offer customers with higher interest rate that we can say worth more than ordinary saving. If you already have a GTBank account, You are not expected to open a new bank account with GTbank to fix your money.

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How to Check Bank Verification Number – BVN Via Phone

With The Central Bank of Nigeria period of registering in their Banks by Nigerian account holders to get their Bank Verification Numbers has finally come to end but up till now many still do find it hard to
Bank Verification Number. For those who should find themselves in such a position, follow the steps below.
1. You know by now that the phone number you used in registration why you opened the bank account is very important because you will Use the phone number you registered your BVN with, which could be any of the phone numbers can be any of these Nigerian GSM networks – MTN, GLO, ETISALAT and AIRTEL. [Read more…]

How to Retrieve lost BVN –

How to Retrieve lost BVN – Many people have been written so much on the how people can retrieve their lost BVN. Yet i still understand that many people seems not to be getting it right. So i have decided to put up this article and teach many people out there how they can retrieve their BVN should they lost it. Please do not forget that BVN stands for Bank Verification Number. That means this article are for those who had theirs before and due to one reason or the other have lost it.
Contrary to what others must have told you, retrieving your Lost BVN Number is surely not a hectic one and does not have to be  a stressful for you at all. The thing you have to do is to follow this steps shown below and you will assess you Bank verification Number which has been made mandatory by the Central Bank of Nigeria for any account holder to have.

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