Calabar Carnival 2016 Date – Live Update And Photos

Calabar Carnival 2016 – During my Service back then in the City of Ugep in Yakurr Local Government Area, i was told about the the glamouring fun fare of the Calabar Carnival. Though i have heard so much of it but this time it will be my first time participating in it live and direct. Talking about the Calabar Caenival 2015. My friends the ytruth is this, Calabar Carnival actually has the best of activity as far as carnival is concerned. I have never seen anything like it before. It was so glamorous that i never wanted it to come to an end. It was the icing of a successful service year for. carnival-3

 This was one of the reasons why i was not surprised when the the River State Government through his  Commissioner for New Cities Development, Mr George Ekpungu said they where expecting more than 50,000 guests from across the globe for the Calabar Carnival 2016.

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 The Commissioner for New Cities Development, Mr George Ekpungu made this revelation during a courtesy visit to the traditional rulers and elders of Nsutan community, Calabar South Local Government.

 If there was anything to miss, certainly not the Calabar carnival 2016. Calabar carnival 2016 which has been themed ‘Climate Change’ date was recently announced and has already started. For those of us who even arrived before the announced date have been having fun already. The people of Calabar has a way of making visitors feel at home away from home. For those who will be having breaks from office these period, i would advise that you take a nap with your family and visit calabar carnival 2016 with your family and make this period a memorable one for the rest of your life.

 For those who cannot make it due to some hitches and stressed work schedule, don’t worry because has fully arrived the scheme and we are more than ready to give you live updates, with photos and latest gist from Calabar Carnival 2016 from one of the most beautiful city in continent.

 I needed to ask who initiated this project, and i was told that the glamorous then governor of Cross River State Donald Duke, initiated this project in 2004. A governor whose achievements speaks for him. The beautiful city of Calabar have been ascribed to his doings. His vision of making Calabar the center and focal point of tourism in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, led to the establishment of he Calabar street  Carnival in 2014.


 The actual purpose of the calabar street carnival by the then Governor Duke was  to showcase the rich cultural values of Cross River State . “According to Osima-Dokubo, who is the the carnival director, had this to say when he said the purpose was to encompass more facets of localized heritage and culture and at the same time strengthen the capability of the local people to take part in an economically beneficial way”.

 As far as Tourism is concerned, Cross River State has become one of the hubs of Africa and the very best Tourist place in Nigeria. You may not really understand what am saying until you visit Obudu Cattle Ranch, Tinapa Resort and Maribor Resort the slave trade business hub during the slave trade era. My one year of National Service in cross River state opened my eyes to the beautiful wonders of God’s Creation in Cross River and the Calabar Carnival was the tip of the Icing for me during my 2014/205 National Service Year. I never felt like leaving Cross River State. The serenity, the people, the Hospitality, Its carnival etc made it a whole best year for me. Well am back again to the city that once blew my mind and i am telling you that its a place to be.

 Many journals and many newspaper houses have described the calabar carnival 2016. This year will be the 11th edition of the Calabar Carnival. It has been themed ‘Climate Change’.
During the Inauguration of the street carnival, the present governor of cross river state,  Ben Ayade told the audience that the calabar carnival 2016 would be full of fun and that there will be no dull time during festive periods and lots of excitement for tourist and residents of Calarba. The governor also told the audience during the inauguration that the reason for choosing the Calabar Municipal Garden as the central venue for the 2016 Calabar Carnival, was because Calabar Municipal Garden was central and accessible to residents and tourists who will be participating during the festivity.

 According to the governor, Calabar Municipal Garden a community close to calabar will also serve as the major venue for funfair and also for market for the Christmas shopping. He told the audience present that adequate security measures have been taken to protect the lives and properties of tourists and participants coming for the Calabar Carnival 2016.

 According to the governor, “It is to the glory of God that we have witnessed the first and second dry run of the 2016 Calabar carnival.

“I wish to declare the 2016 Calabar carnival village open to all. The 2016 carnival will be better and bigger.

“We have put in place more innovations that would meet the taste of our esteemed tourists.

“I wish to assure all those coming in for the carnival of adequate security.“Calabar carnival is the largest street party in Africa. It is time for the world to visit Calabar again for that fun fair.“Calabar carnival is 12 years; the festival had continued to grow from strength to strength.

“We are happy because it had also promoted unity and created strong relationships between the state and the international community

 He also made emphasis on the theme of this years 2016 calabar carnival. That this year’s carnival would be used to highlight the issues of climate change around the globe.

 Calabar as i write to you now is bubbling already.


Calabar Carnival 2016 Date.

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