Business To Do During NYSC –

Business To Do During NYSC –

I am so delighted to put up this post. This post was born out of the love i have for every young Nigerian who wants to live an independent life. For every Youth corper out there, it is very important to note that, as a youth corper, you are to use the service year  as a year of learning. That is to say that you should engage in one or two business while you are in the NYSC Orientation camp and off the NYSC Orientation camp.
While i was in NYSC Orientation Camp Obubra Cross River state, i didn’t do any sort of business at the three weeks compulsory camping because i didn’t really no what to do. But during the next batch that went to camp for the compulsory three weeks camping, i engaged in a business that gave me twenty four thousand naira (#24,000) daily all through the three weeks. Shortly i will be telling us some of the business i did during my NYSC Orientation. And also i wil be teaching us Business to do during NYSC and Orientation Camp.

Like i was emphasizing, the NYSC is actually the best time for anybody to start up a business. As it were, there are a lot of business opportunities a youth corp member can be involved during the compulsory NYSC period.

Despite the fact hat there are lots of businesses one still requires lots of planning, dedication and most importantly passion. If there was anything that worked well for me when i engaged in my popcorn business during the Nysc Orientation camp while i was still serving were these three key Phrases.
1. Finding the right people.

2. Finding the right opportunity

3. Finding the finance to start up the business.

These where what i had that became my foundation and eventually led to a successful business career.

Let at least show the reason why you should start a business during NYSC.

• The Life after NYSC is tough

•  A means of making savings

• To get yourself expose to wide varieties of business ideas

• It will help you to learn entrepreneurial skill

Below i have written lots of business which you can start as a Nysc Corp Member.

1. Tutoring

Sincerely speaking, Teaching takes about 90% of what corp members do while they serve. But they still cannot see the glorious opportunity in it. This is how it works. Just start by  doing a home teaching. As you gather momentum, and you think that you are doing and you are getting lots of customers, then extend it to a lesson centre. Always remember that most parents are willing to pay for children home tutoring.

2. Photographer and videographer

I think this particular type of business is a very good ideal business to start during NYSC. Many people believe that since the advent of camera phone the lucrative nature of this business have reduced. But however the business is still a profitable one.

3. Open a Mini computer business centre which includes photocopying, laminating and typing

4. Seminar and workshop centre

5. Career development centre

6. Website development and designing

7. Computer and laptops repairs

8. Hairstylist

For this hairstylist business, i believe it will be convenient for ladies. But for male corp members who wish to do and feel it is convenient.

9. Beads knitting and selling

10. Cloth designing and tailoring

11. Blogging

Remember never to use ” i was posted to a village” as an excuse. I was posted to Ugep in Cross River State, yet i could do my business very well.

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