Bishop David Oyedepo Biography, Life History & Profile

I will be discussing the full Biography of Bishop David Oyedepo. It is a great honour to write about this grat man of God. Many lives have been touched by his undiluted word of Faith. He has been a blessing to man kind. I love you papa. According to where i got this from, the Biography of Bishop David Oyedepo shows that the highly revered man of God was born in September 27, 1954. bishop

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He is a Christian author and the founder/presiding General overseer of Living Faith Church worldwide AKA Winners Chapel. Whose headquarters located at the Canaan Land, Ogun state, south west of Nigeria. As the report goes, the Bishop of Winners chapel, Bishop Oyedepo presides over a 50,000 capacity auditorium reputedly known to be the largest church auditorium in the world the “faith Tabernacle” {Guinness book of world records}.  Bishop David Oyedepo Biography.

The winners chapel Church is now present in over 300 cities of Nigeria, 32 African Nations, and several other countries in Europe and the United States of America.

 Bishop Oyedepo date of birth record shows that the highly revered man of God, mostly referred to as papa Oyedepo is 58 years old.

 The “faith Tabernacle” church built by Bishop David Oyedepo winners chapel is a new worship center built by the man of God in 1998 and it was located on a 530 –acre {2.1km square}. The 50,000 seat edifice located on Canaan land was dedicated in September 1999 after just 12 months it was started.   Bishop David Oyedepo Biography

Living faith International has gone beyond a Christian ministry, the Canaan land in Otta Ogun state has been expanded over the years and now contains a primary school – Kingdom heritage model school, the faith academy secondary school, and fully equipped university that has over 7,000 students enrolled in all its courses.
Well according to him, he was called to free men from bondage, poverty, curses etc. As we all have seen, it is the truth because there have been lots of testimonies from people who have been a witness to God’s miracles through his servant Bishop Oyedepo. And that is why we the members of Living faith International regarding his callings have no doubt has brought papa Oyedepo fame and wealth, according to 2012 Forbes report, Bishop Oyedepo is the richest Nigerian pastor , and with a net worth of over $US150 million.

The Church winners chapel owns several properties which include; 4 private jets, estates, restaurants, shopping stores, Bakery, processing plants, and educational institutions and other commercial properties scattered all over the world.

According to a well documented reports, the church is believed to have employed over 2,000 of its church members as well as hundreds of thousands of people all around Nigeria and the world.

Despite his busy schedules, Bishop Oyedepo takes time off his busy family and business schedules to write and publish several Christian literatures, and inspirational books through the Dominion Publishing House that was commissioned in December 1992. Some of the bestselling books published by the Bishop include; anointing for exploits, winning invisible battles, Pillars of destiny, Excellency of wisdom, Born to win, The healing balm, Walking in Dominion, Breaking the curses of life, and Manifestation of the spirits of God.

It will not be so right after talking of The Biography of Bishop David Oyedepo without mentioning his marriage to his lovely and amiable wife Florence Abiola Akano {now referred to as Mummy Faith}; and his four kids- David Jr, Love, Joys, and Isaac. David Jr and Isaac are ordained Bishop Oyedepo children pastors, the two young pastors were ordained by world renowned evangelist- Kenneth Copeland in May 2007.

 It should also be noted that the Covenant University, owned by winners chapel is one of the first private University in Nigeria. It has remained one of the best in the country and has remained a standard for all other licensed private institutions.