Big Brother Naija Audition 2017, Dates, Venues, Applications Forms – Apply

Big Brother Naija AuditionSome few days ago, i came across a publication regarding the the application procedures of Big Brother Naija 2017 Audition. Though i sincerely do not find anything wrong with the publication but i still feel that the publication did not feed most of the needed question waxing strong in the minds of potential applicants. This have prompted me to make this application.

 It will be wise and more reasonable to really understand what this reality show is all about which should include a strong detailed information concerning the venue in which the event will be holding, the procedures for applying etc. So my candid advice would be that all interested and potential applicants should meticulously read this article for their own

The reason many people i am very sure will miss out on this reality television show is because they may not believe the potency of the news. Some have even argued that it is a false information spreading like the dust from sahara desert that has no control. But please let me reaffirm this to all interested parties that the Big Brother Naija Audition 2017 is for real. Please do not allow this opportunity to pass you bye. If we all can still recollect, it was 10 years ago Big Brother Naija last featured on the television screen. Well reasons for its demise we cant confirm yet but of a true, the big brother Nigeria will be returning  to screen after 10 years of its stoppage.

 This means that interested are hereby advised to apply for the Big Brother Naija Audition. According to the information we saw regarding the Big Brother Naija Audition TV reality show, the date for the Big Brother Naija 2017 Audition will be on the 26th and 27th November 2016.

 According to its organizers  “Multi-choice Nigeria” the sole reason for reinvention of the the big brother naija show,  was to bring back the Nigerian version to draw pan-African audiences for the same reasons that Big Brother Africa took upon.

 Remenber that for those who will make it through this audtioning will be participating in the reality show itself for eleven weeks. Which means you will be living with total strangers for that particular period. Well, you have to ask yourself if you actually have what it takes to get through the Big Brother Naija Audition.

 Now we want to discuss a little bit of the criteria for application. One of the most sure requirements for this reality TV show is that all applicants must be a Nigeria birth or by Naturalization.

 2. Applicants must have attained the required age of 21 years and above.

 3. All applicants must have a valid which they are to bring to the audition venue.

 Lets discuss a little bit of the audition proper.

 The Big Brother Naija audition as i have earlier stated will take place on the 26th and 27th November 2016 at the Westown Hotel 7, Sheraton-Opebi Link Road, Ikeja-Lagos 7.00am daily.

 In the maiden  first edition of the show, there will be twelve housemates that will vie for the coveted $100,000 prize money. The will be required to perform a various mental and physical tasks.

 I think that will be all that is needed to be known by potential applicants. Please if you develop any curiosity regarding my publication and have some questions that needs to be addressed, please reach me via my mail on the “Contact us” menu or reach me via the comment box.

 Goodluck to you all on your participation on the Big Brother Naija Audition 2017

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