Bar Part 11 Registration – Apply Now

Bar Part 11 Registration – Apply Now

I know this is coming very late but i still believe its worth putting up. Information reaching is that the

Bar Part 11 Registration of new  students will close at 4pm on Thursday December 3rd  2015 so this is to inform all applicants and the general public . So for those who still wish to apply, can do that now
why they can before the deadline which just some few hours away.

In taking part in this upcoming bar part 11 all applicants should adhere to the closing date, and make sure they follow the procedure here to  apply.

Steps for Bar Part 11 Application

The most important thing to do before you can participate in the registration of the 2016 Bar Part 11
Registration, you are to first and foremost check weather you are eligible for the bar part 11 application or not. As it where it  should be the first step to take before making any payment.Below are the various ways or steps to check for your eligibility. You are to Visit the bar part 11  eligibility checking portal here.

Immediately the portal opens click on Application, then click on Eligibility check and application pay and enter the following details

A. Select your Session
 B. Select Your University
 C. Enter your Matric Number:
 D. Enter your Surname:
 E.  Click Submit

When you are through checking and you have been satisfied eligible to apply for the bar part 11 2016 registration, you can then go ahead to print payment slip and apply for bar 11.

Click here for Registration and Guidelines