Auchi Polytechnic Shutdown Due To Violent Protest

Auchi Polytechnic Shutdown Due To Violent Protest – On the second of June, the residents of Auchi were the prestigious Auchi Federal Polytechnic is located was awaken by riots from students and that has forced the institution to be shutdown due to the violent protest.auchi

According to our news sources that witnessed the incident, three students were allegedly shot dead by security officers and that sparked the protest. The students of the polytechnic, were actually protesting against the management for being denied the access to write their exams because of non-payment of school fees. And this protest by the students which turned violence made the security men shot three of the protesters while some were badly injured.

 This didn’t go down well at all for the others because the students went on Rampage which led to the destroying of school properties, setting tyres and cars ablaze, blocking the school gates and roads.  Minutes later the police invaded the current Lt rowdy premises of the institution, where they sprayed tear gas in the air to disperse the rioting students as they went on rampage.

The situation actually got out of hand and all concerned students as it where appealed to the government to quickly caution the Security Officers present at the scene of the riot, in order to prevent further loss of life as the security men where firing live ammunition on the rampaging protesters.

Mr Mustapher Oshiobugie the institution’s Public Relations Officer , said the situation has been brought under control and that no student sustained injury when he was contacted. He went further to reveal that the institution’s management is currently deliberating on the situation and that the institution has been shut down till further notice.

When Naija Voice TEAM, got to the school, there were various version as to what actually triggered the rioting.

According to Precious Osas – ” No one actually was killed. But the situation is terrible”

Ifeanyi Jeweh Okosun an eye witness also said no live was lost but the manner at which the school security handled the issue sparked the protest.

Auchi Polytechnic Shutdown Due To Violent Protest