Airtel BlackBerry Subscription plans, Data bundle Airtel subscription Codes

Airtel BlackBerry Subscription plans, Data bundle – Airtel subscription Codes –
I will be showing to us various airtel blackberry subscription codes. So if you are a Blackberry user then you will be needing all the information on this article.
The subscription codes are from Weekly, Lite, Surf, Midi. For those who are using Tabs.
No mater how beautiful or solidified your phone device is, without the internet its as though you are holding a Nokia 3310.  airtel
Below I have taken time to put down the various airtel codes for blackberry subscription.

                    AIRTEL BLACKBERRY PLANS

1.For that of  24hrs Daily Plan – It will N100 with an allowed data pack of 10MB.
Activation code – *141*11*1#

2. 48hrs 2 days data plan for Blackberry users.. This Airtel
Blackberry plans attracts a fee  N200 for 30MB of data and
last for 48 hours.
Activation code – *141*13*11# .

3. For Airtel Weekly Plan (7days) – The weekly Blackberry plan will give you  a total of 25MB to use. It will cost you N400.
Activation Code – *141*11*2#.

4. Airtel Easy Plan (2 weeks). This Airtel
Blackberry Plan gives you a total of 104MB which you can use at least 2 weeks. It will cost you N500.
Activation code – *141*11*3#

5. Airtel Lite Plan (30days) – This Airtel subscription plan or bundle will give a total of 200MB of allowed data that spans a period of 1 month.
The activation price is N1000.
Activation code – *141*11*4#

6. Airtel MIDI Plan (30 days) – This plan comes with a package data bundle of 325MB. The price for this MIDI plan is N1, 300 for a period of one month.
Activation code – *141*11*5#

With your blackberry plan, you can be able to browse the web, do research, download Wapday and enjoy the new
version of Whatsapp and 2go,download applications like Badoo,
Waptrick etc.