2go 6.0 Download – Download The New 2go Version At www.2go.im

wwww.2go.im – Well, this should not come as a surprise to anyone that 2go has upgraded its initial application from the initial 2go 5.00 to the 2go 6.00. I say this because initially, we were told by them that they will be upgrading these services for the betterment of their customers.

2go is actually one of the first most popular interactive social messenger app that came into Nigeria. In fact, up till this day, it still remains one of the most popular.
 With 2go, you can stay in touch with your family, friends, colleagues and other people whom you will love to keep in touch at a regular bases. 2go

Today, i will be writing more on the new 2go version 6.00. It is a unique beauty to behold. it has all the various features  that are needed to keep you woah. It is amazing and lovely.
This new 2go version, is absolutely free of charge while downloading and registering it. I will be showing the various easy ways to download these 2go version. When 2go came out initially, it started with 2go 2.0, later went to 2go 4.0 and later 2go 5.0 and now 2go 6.0. Now you can find some similarities with messenger application like whatsapp.com, imo.com, flirchi.com etc.

These similarities are in the features So unique features. One unique feature about this new version of 2go, is that every subscriber gets a notification when he or she gets a message. Now this could happen evn if the person is not online. Now you all we agree with me that these features were not in the formal version of www.2go.im. But because of the fact that 2go have decided to make their customers all over the globe enjoy a better services, they have decided to include this very particular feature.

www.2go.im, has actually given it’s users a nice treat by coming up with this new 2go version. Shortly, i will be  discussing other features of 2go 6.0 version.

1. 2go Star Progress – The 2go star progress unlike that of the one found in 2go 5.0, has the capacity to show percentage with addition of 5 new stars. These includes Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, and Black Diamond. With these showing on your daily percentage, on your 2go star, you could actually know your performance and how you are moving from one star to another either from sapphire to Emerald or from Ruby to Diamond.

2. 2go Fastlane – On this features, you ace able to get straight access to sport news, news, and other news. eg, Supersport, news24 etc. Mehn, this is a great one oooo. They are turning this 2go messenger app ro something we haven’t seen before. Not even the likes of whatsapp.com or the likes.

3. Offline Notification – In this new version, you are given the option to either receive messages offline or not. In the previous 5.0 2go version, you automatically receives an offline message.

4. Chats – There is this QWERTY mode that is now introduced. It will make enjoy chatting with your love one.

5. Friends – This new version allows you nto go for the option of either showing yoru friends online and offline or combine both offline and online too.

6. 2go Rooms – This new version of 2go rooms is more improved and better to serve you at the best.

7. 2go News – With this new 2go messenger, you stand the sure chance to be on the globe awareness. Bscause you are constantly informed with the latest happening all over the world.

8. Get Gocredits – For you to be able to change your status, gender, chat in rooms, and send some gift items, you must get a gocredits. So this new 6.0 2go version, offers you that.

9. Settings – This new version is more simpler in terms of the way you would like to change your sttings. So if you want to change your password, or username, it is very simple to do that.

Switch Accounts – This means that you can change accounts at will, and login with another account user. This particular feature, i first saw it non twitter account. With this, you can change accounts and yet your friends other account still remains.

How To Download 2go 6.0

1. Step 1 – You must first visit the official 2go website on www.2go.im on your device. either a smart phone, Java phones, iPhones, Windows Phones etc.

2. Click on the Download button.

3. wHEN THE PAGE HAVE BEEN OPEBED, YOU WILL BE REQUESTED TO FILL IN SOME OF YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS. These informations includes the following. Your Name, Your country, username, password Date of Birth, etc.

When you have successfully done this, you have been registered as a 2go user.

Please note that any information you have given, will be kept confidential. And i would be very sincere with you. Try and keep your ligin details safe and confidential.

The current 2go version is for PC, Android, ios, Blackberry, etc users.

Congrats from our team on your new 2go 6.0 version.

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