Should I type Cover Letter/Application Letter in email body or attach it with CV to the mail?

Should I type Cover Letter/Application Letter in email body or attach it with CV to the mail?

Here’s yet another mail from a job seeker:

Good day Jobzilla Nigeria,
Please I need clarification on this. If one is asked to apply online through email, is it appropriate to type cover letter or application letter in the text box of the email or to attach it with CV?

My Response:
There are two different approaches with submitting a resume and cover letter via email.

With the first approach, you can cut and paste your actual cover letter into the body of the email. This can be helpful to the interviewer since they will have to click and open fewer attachments.
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Want to Work in Dubai? Then Watch This Video

Want to Work in Dubai? Then Watch This Video  – For those of you looking to work in Dubai, see a video shared on Facebook by a guy who claims to be in Dubai. Please watch and share.

Difference Between CV And Résumé

Difference Between CV And Résumé

Here’s another question from the “Ask Jobzilla” series. A job seeker sent me a mail asking the difference between a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and Résumé. 

Good morning sir, please I want you to explain what resume means and the different between resume and cv. Thank you.

I believe a lot of you need clarification on this too. Here we go.

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10 Common Habits That Damage Your Kidneys; Many Nigerians Do Number 6 – A MUST READ

This is very!
Kidneys are an essential part of the body’s purification system. For many reasons, it is imperative to take good care of the kidneys but several people are guilty of letting down this important organ.

Here  are some of the common ways humans put their kidneys at risk.
1.Holding in urine
This might sound odd, but almost everyone does it. The urge most times comes during a car ride, in the middle of a phone call, or when there isn’t a bathroom nearby.
Holding in urine on a regular basis increases pressure, which can lead to kidney failure and kidney stones. When nature calls, it’s best to listen.
2. Insufficient intake of water
One of the important functions of the kidneys is to filter blood and get rid of toxins and waste materials that can harm the body.
When you don’t drink enough water, those toxins and waste materials start to accumulate, eventually causing severe damage.

3.Too much salt consumption
Frequently intake of too much salt can also cause huge damage to your kidneys as well as other health problems. The kidneys metabolise 95 percent of the sodium consumed through food.

When the consumption of salt is high, the kidneys need to work harder to excrete the excess salt. This, in turn, can lead to decreased kidney functioning, causing water retention in the body.
Water retention can also cause a spike in blood pressure & increase the risk of developing kidney disease.
4.High protein diet
Consuming an excess of animal protein (especially red meat) increases the metabolic load on the kidneys.
The more animal protein a man or a woman consumes, the harder the kidneys have to work, which can cause stress and lead to kidney damage.

5.Sugar overdose
Studies have shown that people who consume two or more sugary drinks a day are more likely to have protein in their urine.
The presence of Protein in urine is an early sign that the kidneys are not doing their job properly.
6.High caffeine consumption
Caffeine can raise blood pressure and put extra stress on the kidneys, just as salt can. Over time, excess coffee consumption (or caffeine consumption) may lead to kidney damage.
7.Drinking alcohol in excess
Drinking in moderation is fine, but excessive drinking can cause significant damage to your kidneys. Alcohol is a toxin that puts so much stress on your kidneys and liver.
8.Smoking cigarettes
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, smoking is bad for almost every organ of the body, including the kidneys. There are also Several studies that have shown the connection between smoking and kidney disease.
Smoking increases blood pressure, reduces blood flow and narrows the blood vessels in the kidneys. It can even accelerate the loss of kidney functions & worsen existing kidney diseases.
9.Regular use of analgesics
Many of us have the habit of taking analgesics (over-the-counter painkillers) to control pain and reduce fever and inflammation. But this can therefore damage several body organs, Which include the kidneys.
10.Sleep deprivation
Chronic sleep deprivation is linked to many health problems, including kidney disease.
The body works while sleeping to repair all kidney tissues that may be damaged,Therefore if you are depriving the body of sleep it makes it harder to heal.


Habits That Damage Your Intestines

 Habits That Damage Your Intestines – Inflammation, gases, abdominal pressure… The intestines perform an essential function in your body, and even more so, in a certain way, are also related to anxiety and stress. There are a lot of factors that affect their health, problems that sometimes can even cause what is known as irritable bowel syndrome.

What can you do? What habits that damage your intestines should you be aware of?

                                                                                      intestines 1

1. High Stress Levels

 You should take it very seriously. Your current life rhythm, the rush, worries, anxiety, and stress directly affect the health of your stomach and intestines. There are theories that talk about them being like “the second brain”. In fact, this is where neurotransmitters are synthesized, which is why it is extremely important to give your life balance and tranquility. A high state of anxiety can cause irritable bowels according to the specialists. That’s why you should keep the following reasons in mind: [Read more…]

Health Issues – 5 Causes of Lung Cancer in Non-Smokers

5 Causes of Lung Cancer in Non-Smokers
While cigarette smoking is an undisputed cause of lung cancer , not all cases of lung cancer occur in smokers or former smokers. Each year, over 170,000 Americans develop lung cancer , and approximately ten per cent of lung cancers, or 17,000 cases, occur in non-smokers. Although not every non-smoker suffering from lung
cancer will have an identifiable risk factor for development of the disease, a number of conditions and circumstances have been identified that will increase a non-smoker’s chance of developing lung cancer .
1. Passive smoking, or the inhalation of tobacco smoke from other smokers sharing living or working quarters, is an established risk factor for the development of lung cancer. Non-smokers who reside with a smoker have a 24% increase in risk for developing lung cancer when compared with other non-smokers. Each year, up to 3,000 lung cancer deaths are estimated to occur in the U.S. that are attributable to passive smoking .

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Health – Please If Your Blood Type Is O, You Should Avoid Doing This To Save Your Life

People with this blood type 0 has a huge role in any society.
They tend to be productive and powerful at the same time, but when experiencing stress, they may become mad, impulsive and hyperactive.
There is a study in Japan where there is an association between this blood type and the type of personality one’s possess.
That is why, in some cases in a job interview, interviewee often ask your blood type.
It is said that people that have a blood type 0 are more often to be responsible, committed, organized, well focused, conscientious and more practical. It has been raised that people with the blood type 0 can orient better and tend to be a better logician.

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Hear What Davido Said >>> Many Nigerians Will Run Mad If They Had What I Have

Hear What Davido Said >>> Many Nigerians Will Run Mad If They Had What I Have

Singer Davido have reacted to many Nigerians calling him arrogant because he comes from a wealthy home.davido

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You Can Drink This Before You Go To Sleep And You Will Loose Belly Fat In No Distant Time

You have probably tried many things in order to reduce your belly fat by now and surely most of them left you disappointed. Well, no more disappointments for you from now on, because we have decided to reveal to you an amazing drink that will finally rid you of your body fat and especially of your belly fat in no time. By consuming nothing more than a glass of this drink, before you go to sleep, you will eliminate those stubborn fatty layers from your body and obtain great results within a very short period of time. This drink is really simple and easy to prepare.
 Belle 1
Most of you have surely fought with belly fat for quite a long time now, so you know how stubborn it can be to deal with it. However, you needn’t despair anymore because this drink will finally solve your issue. It will help you accomplish your weight loss mission and at the same time eliminate excess belly f.

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See The 5 Warning Signs of B.reast Cancer That Many Nigerian Women Do Ignore

See The 5 Warning Signs of B.reast Cancer That Many Nigerian Women Do Ignore

This is a research report from the According American Cancer Society, it is estimated that about 246,660 new cases of invasive br.east cancer will be diagnosed in American women by the end of 2016, and about 40,450 women will die from b.reast cancer. We have come to realize that The harsh reality is that b.reast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer among women. About 1 in 8 women in the U.S. will develop invasive br.east cancer during their lifetime.cancer

The Br.east cancer awareness goes far beyond knowing the statistics. It’s about active prevention, and being able to recognize the signs and symptoms of br.east cancer, in hopes of catching it early on if it develops.

The following five warning signs of bre.ast cancer are ones that many women tend to shrug off, but recognizing them may be vital to saving your life. [Read more…]

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